10 Sexiest American Cars of All Time

10 Sexiest American Cars of All Time
October 26, 2020
10 Sexiest American Cars of All Time

What are the sexiest, most beautiful American cars of all time? That’s a tough question, as we’re talking about over a century of vehicles to choose from with amazing stying in virtually every era.  We looked back at amazing cars from all eras and ended up with a diverse list dating back from the ’30s all the way to 2016.   So take a look and feast at some of the sexiest, most beautiful American cars of all time.

Then, let us know what you think.  Do you think the heated debate from our editorial staff was insufficient?  What would you add to this list?  What would you remove?

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10 – 1965 Buick Riviera Gran Sport

A lot of people think of the GM sister of this era, the Pontiac GTO.  But, we’ve always been mesmerized by the front grille of this Buick.  The aggressive forward angle of the whole front end always made this car stand apart.  We love the clamshell headlights (see video below).

But just look at it.  It screams aggressive American styling.  It’s not an outrageous car which also lends to its beauty.  The absence of a B pillar always gave this Buick a clean silhouette.

And it always had just the right amount of chrome accent to make it shine, even when standing still.

9 – 1969 Dodge Charger

Listening to the Hemi engine roar inside a Dodge Charger is its own sex appeal.  But the long hood and sweeping lines to the tail made the Charger an eye catcher from any angle.

The indentations on the hood and doors also gave the Charger a unique charm not found in other  vehicles.

Of course, sometimes sexy is seeing this beauty flying through the air.

8 – 1963 Lincoln Continental

Now, we’re moving into the glamours life.  Movie stars, business exec, and even John F. Kennedy elevated the legend of the Lincoln Continental.  Noticeably absent from this vehicle were the outrageous curves or super sized fins.    The Lincoln Continental was not ostentatious, but rather subtle beauty.  The long lines, clean grille, and appropriate chrome make this Lincoln stunning.

7 – 1936 Cord 810

There’s just something about hidden headlamps.  The 1936 Cord had a beautiful streamlined design that included hidden headlamps…which was an innovation by Cord.

But look at the picture above and tell me who wouldn’t want to take a sunset drive along the boulevard in this sexy beast.

6 – 1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

In 1964, Ford introduced the world to the amazing Ford Mustang.  The Mustang, as you know, sold like hotcakes.  But Ford was not satisfied.  Ford wanted to make the Mustang beefier and faster.  So Ford reached out to Shelby American to produce the super sexy, Shelby GT350.

5 – 1968 Chevy Corvette

The 1968 Corvette Stingray was a radical design.  The chrome front bumper was so sharp, it almost looked as if it could slice you in half.  Of course, it had the sexy hidden headlamps and a unique profile that set the standard for Vettes for years to come.

4 – 1963 Chevy Corvette Stingray

Sticking with Corvettes, our team had a hard time deciding which was sexier, the C2 (second generation) or the C3 (third generation) Corvette shown above.  Either way, we knew we loved them both.

One of the features we loved about the C2 Corvette was the split rear window.  It was such a unique feature not found in other cars.  Plus the doors actually opened up a portion of the roof making it easier to enter and exit the car.  Of course, it has the unique lines, curves, and hidden lights we absolutely adore about this car.

3 – 1966 427 Shelby Cobra powered by Ford

Drooling alert.

What’s sexier than a 427 Cobra at wide open full throttle?  The roar of the engine is intoxicating.

Two seats.  No roof.  Minimal safety features.  Who cares?

This is sexy Americana at its best.  Grab on and hold on for the ride!

2 – 1930 Deusenberg Model J Convertible

That’s a doozy.  You’ve probably heard that phrase a million times.

Apparently, the phrase originates from the Doozy or Deusenberg.

As you can see, the Deusenberg is an all time classic American car.  Stylish.  Big.  All American.  And oh so sexy.

Clearly, this is not a car for afternoon strolls.  It’s a museum piece.  But I would sure love to take this on a drive to Martha’s vineyard.  Just absolutely stunning.

1 – 2017 Ford GT

So, our top car for #1 sexiest American car of all time falls on the new Ford GT.  We debated on the original and on the beautiful 2005 model.  But the new one is faster, more stylish and sexier.

Ford took the basic principle from the Ford GT and designed a car that’s a true world beater.  We’re talking about a car ready to take on Ferrari in its own backyard, LeMans.  We’re talking about the car the guys with Lamborghinis want.  What could be sexier than that?

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