5 Best Cars for College Students

5 Best Cars for College Students
July 15, 2022
5 Best Cars for College Students

College can be both an exciting and stressful time. You not only have to worry about signing up for classes, moving in, and buying books but also about how you're going to get about. Finding the ideal car may be a difficult chore as if there weren't already enough to accomplish.

Finding a reasonably priced, dependable, safe, and the efficient car is essential if you're a young adult getting ready to attend college or trying to buy one for a college student. It's essential to have a good Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash test rating. Plus, it would be best if you looked at contemporary automobiles with the newest technological capabilities, such as Wi-Fi hotspot compatibility and smartphone compatibility.

From subcompact SUVs to midsize sedans, these are the 5 best new vehicles for college students.

The Skeptical Student

Toyota Corolla

The Skeptical Student is hesitant to get behind the wheel and must be persuaded. They could be afraid to drive, or they might just object to dad giving up his day job as their private driver.

They may have put off enrolling in Driver's Education or taking their road test for years. And now that they are leaving for college it makes perfect sense to be wary about driving.

That's why the Toyota Corolla is the perfect car for those who are reluctant. 

The Corolla has established itself as a dependable and secure vehicle year after year. The pricing is reasonable, and the highway MPG may go up to 43, which is fantastic for cost savings.

The car boasts a 5-star overall NHTSA safety rating. And the 2020 model comes standard with safety features including emergency braking and forward collision warning, which will assist avoid accidents.

The Skeptical Student has nothing to fear with this classic. 


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The Overconfident Student

Toyota Rav 4

The antithesis of his skeptical sibling is the overconfident driver.

He believes he was born with the best driving skills and has no reservations about getting behind the wheel thanks to his years of playing Mario Kart.

Everyone is deathly afraid of this driver and for good reason. Giving an overconfident driver a reality check is a crucial and vital public service, even while you don't want to entirely damper their excitement.

A good car for those students that drive like physics don't exist is the Toyota Rav 4. 

A surprisingly versatile compact SUV with a sporty look, it's cargo area, which measures 37.6 cubic feet, can accommodate all the new college friends to show off to, while keeping them secure thanks to the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 Suite.

In addition to Toyota's basic Star Safety SystemTM, the 2.0 suite includes functions including pedestrian recognition, lane tracing aid, and automated high beam assistance. So everyone on and off the road is safer.


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The Leadfoot Student

Nissan Sentra

If you ride with a leadfoot driver, you run the risk of getting whiplash, especially if they decide to stop short and come as close to the car in front of them as possible.

For further reinforcement, the phrase "Slow Down" should be chanted nonstop in their beds while they sleep.

Before they bury themselves with speeding charges, the leadfoot driver needs to be restrained with a car that can handle their craziness. 

A good job is the Nissan Sentra, which is a car you are probably familiar with seeing on the road, and for a good reason. 

This little sedan is a wonderful learning vehicle since it has certain important characteristics that those drivers with loose feet will find useful. The Sentra boasts 149 horsepower and a suspension designed for driving in urban areas.

You won't have to worry about unintentionally exceeding the posted speed limit, but you also won't have any problem entering the freeway.

And the anti-lock brakes (ABS) and stability control are two essential elements that aid the Sentra in maintaining control in conditions of poor traction. In addition to this, the Sentra uses blind spot monitoring and automated braking for the front and rear tires to assist Leadfoot Students during their worst moments.


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The Postal Service Student 

Tesla Model 3

The Postal Service Student has trouble estimating how wide their automobile is with respect to the road.

If you ever notice this driver seems to be going to knock over any mailboxes on the right side of the roadway, you should let them know that it is preferable to leave letter delivery to the experts.

This driver will eventually grow much better at determining their acceptable road orientation, but not before everyone around them grows a few gray hairs.

The best car option to save these drivers from themselves is the Honda Civic. 

The driver enjoys a comfortable ride whether traveling on the highway or in town thanks to the vehicle's accommodating suspension and reasonably powerful 1.5-liter engine.

And of course, blind spot sensing and other driver assistance technologies are great to keep this driver on the road and off the mailboxes.


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The Extremely Cautious Student

Hyundai Sonata

On paper, the extremely cautious driver seems like a good option, but when you see them stop in the middle of a busy intersection due to a paralysis of indecision, you might reconsider your love of caution.

Driving too slowly or second-guessing one's decisions can be just as risky as speeding. But don't worry too much, with the right car they will get the confidence required to drive like an expert. And that car is definitely the Hyundai Sonata. 

Due to its sleek design and 180 horsepower, this midsize car clearly has a sportier vibe. There is just enough horsepower here to make driving faster but not overwhelming.

However, the Sonata is more than simply a sedan with a sporty appearance. It is equipped with advanced safety  features those who are fearful to stay attentive and aware of their surroundings.

The Sonata's safety features are dependable and efficient thanks to its 13 ultrasonic sensors, five cameras, and three radar sensors. For the cautious driver to be sure that everything is fine on the road. 


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