Turbocharged Data - The all new PartsHawk.com

Turbocharged Data - The all new PartsHawk.com
November 9, 2020
Turbocharged Data - The all new PartsHawk.com

It’s not often that eCommerce companies critique the products they’re aligned with. After all, Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t rate NFL players, and Best Buy doesn’t wax poetic about the beauties of the Apple campus in Cupertino. Such tasks are usually left to their customers. But an eCommerce company in the auto parts category, PartsHawk, recently launched its new website with just such an approach.

Check out its review of the new 2021 Jeep Grand Wagoneer: “A late, looming addition to the SUV-as-limousine segment, a massive house size of a vehicle with no clear design connection to the long-lived and beloved vehicle it uses as its namesake,” says the review. “Maybe that’s for the best — a retro-themed update, complete with wood wallpaper, would have seemed corny and backwards.”

The post, one of hundreds on the company’s new website, shows the passion of the PartsHawk staff as it angles for one of the fastest-growing eCommerce categories. Recent data from the U.S. Census report show that digital sales make up 21.6 percent of total sales in the category, easily the highest of any reported. (The next highest is grocery, at 16 percent.) And it also communicates one of the reasons the category is so hot: In the automotive world, everything old is new again – as long as the right parts are available.

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