Infiniti G35 Reliability And Common Problems

Infiniti G35 Reliability And Common Problems
May 19, 2024
Infiniti G35 Reliability And Common Problems

The Infiniti G35, a sporty sedan renowned for its exhilarating performance and luxurious features, has captivated driving enthusiasts for years. But before you take the wheel of a pre-owned G35, understanding its reliability is essential. This comprehensive guide delves into the dependability of the Infiniti G35 across different model years, explores common problems that might arise, and provides valuable maintenance tips to ensure your G35 continues to deliver a thrilling and trouble-free driving experience.

Breaking Down G35 Reliability by Model Year:

  • 2003-2008 Models: These early G35s received a mixed bag of reviews regarding reliability. Owners appreciated the powerful engines and comfortable interiors, but some encountered issues such as:
    • Crankshaft or Camshaft Position Sensor Failures: A malfunctioning crankshaft position sensor or camshaft position sensor can disrupt engine operation, causing the G35 to stall or lose power. In severe cases, this can lead to expensive valve damage. These sensors play a critical role in the engine computer's ability to manage ignition timing and fuel delivery for optimal performance. If you experience stalling, hesitation, or a rough idle, these sensors could be culprits.
    • Fuel Filler Hose Cracks: Cracks in the fuel filler hose, responsible for transferring fuel from the gas pump to the gas tank, can occur over time. This can lead to a fuel leak, posing a significant safety hazard. A strong fuel odor around the car, especially after refueling, might indicate a leak in the filler hose.
    • Exterior Lighting Issues: Some G35 owners in this model range reported problems with headlights, taillights, or turn signals malfunctioning or burning out frequently. Faulty bulbs are the most common cause, but issues with wiring or electrical connectors could also be at play. Dim or flickering lights can be a safety concern at night, so prompt attention is necessary.
  • 2009-2015 Models: Reliability generally improved in these later years. However, some potential concerns to watch for include:
    • Headlight and Turn Signal Bulb Issues: Frequent burning out of headlights and turn signal bulbs remained a complaint with some owners in this generation of G35s as well. While bulbs are relatively inexpensive to replace, the recurring issue can be inconvenient. Upgrading to long-life bulbs can help reduce the frequency of replacements.
    • Steering Wheel Position Sensor Problems: A faulty steering wheel position sensor could cause warning lights to illuminate on your G35's dashboard and lead to inaccurate steering. This sensor plays a vital role in the stability control system and proper airbag deployment. If you experience a loose or misaligned steering feel, or warning lights related to traction control or airbags, it's important to have the sensor checked by a qualified mechanic.

Common Issues Across All G35 Models:

  • Check Engine Light: The check engine light might illuminate due to various reasons, sometimes caused by a simple issue like a loose or faulty gas cap (an easy fix!). A malfunctioning sensor, faulty spark plugs, or even a loose gas cap can trigger the check engine light. It's always recommended to consult a mechanic for proper diagnosis to avoid further problems. Ignoring the check engine light can lead to more serious issues down the road.
  • Electrical Issues: Electrical gremlins like malfunctioning power windows, flickering lights, or issues with the infotainment system could occur throughout various G35 model years. These problems can be caused by faulty wiring, loose connections, or failing electrical components. If you experience any electrical issues, it's important to have them diagnosed by a qualified mechanic to prevent further problems and ensure the proper functioning of your G35's features.

Maintaining Your G35 for Continued Performance:

  • Adhere to Scheduled Maintenance: Following the recommended maintenance intervals outlined in your owner's manual is crucial for maximizing the lifespan and performance of your G35. Utilize high-quality oil and filters, and perform routine maintenance tasks like air filter replacements and spark plug changes on time. Clean air filters ensure optimal engine airflow and power, while fresh spark plugs contribute to a smooth and efficient combustion process.
  • Listen Attentively: Unusual noises or warning lights on your G35 dashboard shouldn't be ignored. Promptly addressing these issues can prevent minor problems from escalating into expensive repairs. For instance, a grinding noise during braking might indicate worn brake pads, while a whining sound from the engine could be a sign of a failing belt. By paying attention to these signs and addressing them promptly, you can maintain your G35's performance and avoid costly repairs.
  • Invest in Quality Parts: When replacing parts, consider using high-quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts or reputable aftermarket alternatives to ensure proper fit and performance. OEM parts are designed specifically for your G35 model and will guarantee a perfect fit. Aftermarket parts can be a cost-effective option, but ensure they come from a trusted brand known for quality and compatibility with your specific G35.
  • Consider Performance Upgrades (For Enthusiasts): The Infiniti G35 offers a platform for performance modifications for enthusiasts who crave even more power and handling. Upgraded suspension components like high-performance springs or sway bars can enhance handling and responsiveness. High-flow air intake systems can provide a slight power increase, but ensure these modifications are compatible with your G35 model and installed by a qualified mechanic to avoid compromising reliability or safety.

Making an Informed Decision: Weighing the Pros and Cons

While the Infiniti G35 offers a thrilling driving experience and luxurious features, it's essential to consider both the upsides and downsides before purchasing a pre-owned model:

  • Upsides: Powerful engine, comfortable interior, sporty handling (especially in later models), enjoyable driving experience.
  • Downsides: Potential for common problems like sensor failures, fuel leaks, or electrical issues (especially in earlier models), some maintenance costs associated with a performance-oriented car.

By understanding the potential trouble spots and employing the maintenance tips outlined in this guide, you can make an informed decision about Infiniti G35 ownership. With proper care and maintenance, the G35 can continue to deliver a thrilling and reliable driving experience for years to come.


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