Most Popular Cars for Big Families

Most Popular Cars for Big Families
November 24, 2022
Most Popular Cars for Big Families

A large family is not always an easy group to manage. With so many different opinions, needs and schedules, it can be tough to find the perfect vehicle for them all. Luckily for you, we have put together a list of our top picks for vehicles that are perfect for larger families.

We took into account safety features, size, passenger capacity and price to come up with this list of the best vehicles for large families. We hope you find this helpful in your search!

The Messy Family

Honda Odyssey

With over 20 years in the market, the Honda Odyssey is a reliable minivan that makes it perfect for parents whose kids are on the messier side.

The Odyssey is family-friendly and can accommodate up to eight passengers, with three rows of seats. The seats are adjustable so you can fit them to your specific needs. 

It also has entertainment screens that can be turned around so they face the back of the car and built-in vacuum cleaners for kids who can't help but make a mess.

Lastly, it has a handy camera on the backseat so parents can keep an eye on the kids (and scream if they need to). 


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The Extra-Curriculars Family

Toyota Sienna

If your family is constantly taking the kids from one extra-curricular activity to the next, then you need a car that is fuel efficient. The Toyota Sienna is definitely the winner in this category.

The Sienna only comes as a hybrid, but that decision made it have an outstanding 36 mpg combined, which is better than most other minivan options. 

It also has AWD, which makes it perfect if one of your kid's hobbies is hiking. 

The cherry on top is the motion-activated lift gate and doors that allow for easy and quick access inside the vehicle.


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Toyota SiennaToyota Sienna

The Mafia Family

Cadillac Escalade

We are only half kidding with the name. This luxurious, large SUV has a really strong presence and even stronger features. 

The inside of the Caddy is made of wood, leather, designer fabrics, and satin-finished metals. A wide, curved display spans the dashboard, acting as both a gauge cluster and an infotainment hub. 

An excellent cruise control system and hands-free driving will have you feeling like a mafia boss too.

But honestly, with the prices, you might actually have to dabble in some illegal activities to afford this one.


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Cadillac EscaladeCadillac Escalade

The Off-Road Family 

Jeep Grand Cherokee L

The Grand Cherokee is the type of car you can take basically anywhere. And is a great alternative for adventurous parents who know have to deal with extra passengers.

With a pleasant ride, a big cabin, and plenty of conveniences and luxury features, we've found the Grand Cherokee L to be a delightful place to spend time.

Power on the road and power on the trails, what else can you ask for?


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Jeep Grand Cherokee LJeep Grand Cherokee L

The Yours, Mine & Ours Family 

Mercedes V-Class

Even the smallest configuration of the Mercedes V-Class can easily fit eight people and their luggage. Making it perfect for that extra-extra big family. 

Of course, it also features Mercedes-Benz luxury touches like big pop-up trays between the two second-row seats, smooth black leather, blue interior lighting, and Merc's superb infotainment system.

This is just an overall great choice.

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