NEW: Tesla Pickup Truck

NEW: Tesla Pickup Truck
November 22, 2019
NEW: Tesla Pickup Truck

Tesla launched its much anticipated pickup truck.  Tesla calls it the CyberTruck.

Despite all the expectations of seeing an egg shaped, super rounded pickup truck, Tesla shocked everyone with a decidedly eighties, wedge shaped truck.  It definitely looks futuristic and at the same time it looks like some of the sci-fi future future cars we had in the 80s.


Nevertheless, the design is absolutely revolutionary.  As Elon Musk discussed in his reveal presentation, the vehicle is not a body on frame design.  Instead, it’s designed more like an aircraft with the skin of the vehicle reinforced to handle the strength of the vehicle.

In fact, the skin is made from a stainless steel alloy that is so tough, Tesla claims it’s bulletproof.  According to Elon Musk, the skin of the vehicle can stop 9mm bullets from penetrating the skin.

Tesla claims the new skin will be far more resistant to “dents, damage, and long-term corrosion with a smooth monochrome exoskeleton that puts the shell on the outside of the car and provides you and your passengers maximum protection.


Okay, so the skin is tough and that’s interesting, but what’s up with that wedge design?

Well, Musk and Tesla is all about efficiency.  Now, it wasn’t discussed in the reveal, but the truck appears to solve one of the major problems all typical pickups have: massive air drag behind the square truck cab and empty truck bed.  Tesla seems to have created a slideaway sleek truck bed cover that is angled at the same pitch as the roof.  They call it the magic tonneau cover and claim it’s strong enough to stand on.  This provides a sleek aerodynamic profile that will make the CyberTruck the most aerodynamic pickup truck ever.  It’s clearly ingenius and incredibly practical.


The truck bed, which Tesla calls “The Vault,” can accomodate up to 100 cubic feet of lockable storage under the magic tonneau cover.  Plus, Tesla claims it can carry a payload of up to 3,500 pounds.

One more thing, it also features under-bed storage and a frunk (or front trunk).


One of the things we found interesting was the built in ramp inside the tailgate.  With Ford and GM fighting over step designs, Musk went way past Detroit and introduced this built in ramp system.  This is by far, hands down, the most practical tailgate we’ve ever seen.  Now this is the way to walk in and walk out of your truck bed.  It not only helps you get in easier, but it helps you get your cargo in and out easier.  Whether it’s an electric ATV (shown here), your lawn mower, or a refrigerator, this is a revolutionary tailgate that will no doubt shake Detroit.

Of course, Tesla designed this truck to be accessorized for outdoor adventures like camping.  But can it tow?


The answer is absolutely, positively, yes.  Now, just like any truck, the amount you can tow depends on the engine you select.  In this case, it depends on how many motors.  If you start with the base Single Motor Rear Wheel Drive model, you’re talking about a towing capacity of 7,500+ pounds.  If you upgrade to the dual motor All Wheel Drive model, you get a towing range of up to 10,000+ pounds.  If you up the ante for the top of the line tri-motor All Wheel Drive system, you get towing capacity of up to 14,000 pounds.


Tesla didn’t stop it’s innovations on the outside.  Take a look at the interior.  While this is clearly a pre-production design.  (I double this will have the tiny steering wheel, you can see the clear roof, the big center console display, and clean dash.  One of the cool technologies we really like about this truck is actually kind of old tech.  We’re talking about the three row front seats giving you a total room for six passengers.  I know that’s kind of old tech, but when you’re taking the boat out with family and friends, it sure is wasteful to have to bring another car to the marina when you can fit everyone in one vehicle.


0-60 MPH

  • Single Motor RWD:  6.5 seconds / sports car level
  • Dual Motor AWD:  4.5 seconds / super car level
  • TRI-MOTOR AWD:  2.9 seconds / hyper car level


  • Single Motor RWD: 250+ miles
  • Dual Motor AWD: 300+ miles
  • TRI-MOTOR AWD: 500+ miles


  • Single Motor RWD: 7,500+ pounds
  • Dual Motor AWD: 10,000+ pounds
  • TRI-MOTOR AWD: 14,000+ pounds


  • Bed / Vault length:  6.5 feet
  • Lockable storage:  100 cubic feet
  • Autopilot:  Standard
  • Adaptive Air Suspension: Standard
  • Ground Clearance:  Up to 16″
  • Approach Angle:  35 degrees
  • Departure Angle:  28 degrees


Of course, the whole thing is electric.  No gas.  No fuel filter.  No oil changes.  Just plug and go.

Elon Musk introduces the CyberTruck


Would you give up your Ford, Chevy, or RAM for the Tesla CyberTruck?  Let us know what you think.

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