Performance Car Parts Aren’t Just for Speed

Performance Car Parts Aren’t Just for Speed
January 14, 2021
Performance Car Parts Aren’t Just for Speed

When creating a definition of a performance car, sure, speed is important. To do a gut check, imagine driving or riding in a sluggish car that moves forward in fits and starts. Is that a performance vehicle? Of course not.

Speed, however, isn’t the only factor in a well-rounded definition. This type of vehicle also offers up a smooth, enjoyable ride while providing fuel efficiency. They have exceptional handling with highly responsive steering, seats that hug you tightly as you turn, and excellent braking systems for when you need to stop. Even the exterior of the car can play a role, with quality illumination allowing the driver to see the twists and turns in the road.

Now THAT is performance!

Tips for Boosted Performance

First, reducing the weight in a car can allow it to perform better, with improved handling. So, don’t keep anything that’s not necessary in the trunk. If you can swap out heavy electronic parts for quality lighter-weight ones, that can help. So can stripping the interior of unnecessary items, including the back seats—and replacing electrically adjustable ones for lighter manually operated ones. You can replace glass windows with polycarbonate ones, and so forth.

What you don’t want to do, as points out, is to remove anything related to safety that can’t be replaced with something that’s equally safe while being lighter in weight. The article also shares plenty of things to put on your to-do list when amp-ing up your vehicle. They include, among others:

  • Upgrade your oil pan.
  • Buy wheels that are either forged or pressure cast. Choose ones that are as light as possible without sacrificing quality.
  • Buy high-quality tires. “The best suspension and wheel setup in the world,” the article reads, “is nothing without a high-quality set of tires. I’d say do this first."

The article also advises to “Buy high-quality components from reputable dealers” so, what are you waiting for? We at can certainly help. 

Performance Car Shopping List

There are plenty of parts that can play a key role in maximizing a vehicle’s importance. Here are a few of them.

CST Performance Suspension

It’s fair to say that, without performance-level suspension, a vehicle isn’t a performance car, at all. The suspension is a core element of vehicle optimization that allows you to enjoy making tight maneuvers through twists and turns in a road. Here is a wide variety of CST performance suspension parts.

Performance Fuel Filter

A fuel filter protects your high-performance engine, preventing debris from getting into places that can cause performance issues at the minimum—and can even damage the engine. This is a must-have item on the list, and here is a link to our performance fuel filter options.

High-Performance Air Filter

A high-performance air filter also protects your engine, preventing dust, dirt, and more from getting into the engine and causing problems. This in turn can extend the longevity of the engine.

Having a new filter in your vehicle boosts the amount of air that gets into the engine, which will help to burn fuel more efficiently. So, besides playing a performance role, it saves you money in gasoline. Here is a direct link to quality air filters.

K&N Cold Air Intake

This system allows for the air filter to be placed outside of the engine compartment. Why is that important? This provides for cooler inlet temperatures—and more oxygen is carried via cold air. The result is a combustion chamber explosion that’s more intense, which translates into more horsepower. Here are K&N cold intake parts.

PaceSetter Performance Products

When talking about performance, it’s natural to think of the PaceSetter brand. Their top-quality parts are ideal for optimizing and maximizing a vehicle’s power and handling while executing sharp turns and enjoying the thrill of the road! Here are PaceSetter performance products to consider.

Choose for Your Performance Parts

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