Replacement Mustang Parts

Replacement Mustang Parts
September 30, 2021
Replacement Mustang Parts

Everything you need to fix or increase your Mustang’s Performance

Do You Have A Bad Oil Pump

If you have a bad oil pump that could spell serious trouble for your Mustang. Without a properly functioning oil pump, your engine will not get the oil it needs to reduce friction on its moving parts and it doesn’t take long for an engine to seize when it heats up and there’s no lubricant.

Signs of a Bad Oil Pump

  1. Check engine light or oil sensor light comes on. This will likely be your first indication that something is wrong. If your car is running low on oil or the oil pressure drops, your oil light should come on.
  2. Low oil pressure isn’t easy to test but it can be done if your oil light fails you.
  3. Increase in engine temperature or higher than the normal engine running temperature. Since oil reduces the friction on an engine’s parts, lack of that oil will cause your running temperature to climb in the danger zone or red area on your temperature gauge. If the flow of oil is reduced by a bad oil pump, this will cause overheating in the engine.
  4. Engine noise will increase and you will likely hear a ticking or knocking sound. This knocking sound is from the lifters not getting enough lubrication and this is a very bad sound to hear. When they are well lubricated you probably will not hear the lifters at all so when you hear that ticking, address the issue quickly. Bad lifters is an expensive fix compared to a new oil pump and a couple of quarts of 5W-30

For the best replacement oil pump on the market check out, our Melling M360HV Oil pump for the 2005 to 2012 Mustang V8 5.4L engine and keep your pony car on the road and running cool for years to come.

Melling M360HV Engine Oil Pump

High Volume Replacement Oil Pump


Fits: 2005-2006 Ford GT, 2007-2012 Ford Mustang

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