Top Emergency Items for Every Car

Top Emergency Items for Every Car
October 27, 2020
Top Emergency Items for Every Car

1- First Aid Kit

In today’s world of cellphone connectivity and UberEats where whatever we want we can get on demand, many of us forget, that we (A) can’t always get in contact with assistance wherever our car goes and (B) even if we have cellphone signal, it might not be fast enough to render first aid.  In an emergency, speed matters.  That’s why every car in American should have an emergency first aid kit.

2 – Jumper Cables

Even though it’s a new car and a new battery, we’ve all been there where we’ve accidentally drained a battery and need a quick jump.  Having jumper cables can be the difference between waiting a few minutes to get a quick jump to waiting hours for someone to come help you.  Be self reliant and ensure you have a set of jumper cables in your vehicle.

3 – Tire Repair Kit

I’m shocked by how many people don’t know how to change a tire.  I’m even more shocked by how many cars don’t even come with a spare tire these days.  But that’s not you.  You love to tinker with your car.  In fact, you know that a silly nail isn’t going to hold you back.  You know all you need to do to fix your tire is pull that nail out.  Clear the hole and plug it with a tire plug.  You know that having a tire repair kit in your vehicle turns a flat tire into a 5 minute repair job and gets you back on the road. 

4 – 12V Tire Inflator

Having a tire repair kit is great for fixing your tire, but you still need to put air into the tire.  Having a compact tire inflator inside your car is incredibly practical and helpful to ensure your tires are always fully inflated.  It’s also great for the family SUV, minivan or truck.  I find that I’ve used the tire inflator not only during a flat tire situation, but more often to inflate the tires on the kids bikes, footballs, and soccer balls.  Bottom line:  You don’t want to be on a long trip, far away from home, and find yourself in a bad tire situation without a tire inflator and the above listed tire repair kit.

5 – Flashlight

We all think that an auto emergency will never happen and if it does, it’ll be close to home with clear blue skies and great weather.  In reality, it can happen anywhere and any time.  That’s why it makes sense to have a proper working flashlight in your vehicle.  In an emergency, your car’s battery may be failing.  Thus, it’s important to have a flashlight not only to see what you’re doing, but also to alert other cars of your presence.

6 – Multi Tool

A multi-tool allows you to unscrew flat tip screws and philips screws.  The plier allows you pull items, grasp items, and even turn some bolts.  The knife allows you to cut pieces.  At the end of the day, you probably don’t want to carry your entire tool box in your trunk.  But a multi-tool allows you to take care of most quick needs with a single tool.  Sure, it’s not the best tool for any one job.  But it’s the best tool to handle lots of jobs.

7 – Tape

Whether it’s taping up a busted hose to allow you to get to a repair shop, or taping parts of your car that were damaged due to an accident, duct tape (or any other reliable tape) can be a handy dandy tool and life saver.  Tape can keep a broken mirror, tail light, or even bumper fascia from falling off.  You hope you’ll never need it, but you’ll be happy you have this affordable and versatile item in your car.

8 – Reflective Triangles

Again, thinking safety first, it’s important to have reflective triangles for both day time and night time roadside emergencies.  These triangles are compact and fold out to be placed on the road to alert other drivers of your presence.  These triangles also help to add space, much like traffic cones, between traffic and your car and your person.  Depending on your situation and the type of repair you may need to do to your car, you might be exposing yourself to dangerous traffic.  These reflective triangles help to alert drivers of your presence and provide some space between you and the traffic.

9 – Ice Scraper

This makes no sense in places like Hawaii or Florida, but during the winter months, it’s impossible to drive if you have a layer of ice on your windshield. Keeping an ice scraper in your car will save you lots of time when you’re trying to get on your way on a cold day.

10 – Gloves

A set of gloves can help you so much during an emergency.  From as simple as keeping your hands clean from the grease and grime of a tire change, to handling broken glass and/or sharp metals after an accident, a good set of gloves will come in handy at a time when you’ll need it most.

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