Top Truck Upgrades for 2021

Top Truck Upgrades for 2021
June 24, 2021
Top Truck Upgrades for 2021

Trucks are efficient and versatile vehicles for both work and play. Whether you need them to haul cargo, tow a trailer, or navigate trails off-pavement, it's hard to beat a truck for multiple purposes. Trucks are also easy to upgrade and customize. Many exterior and interior upgrades are easy to find and generally easy to install. Truck accessories don't just make your ride look better, they often add a practical and useful purpose as well.

PartsHawk has a great guide of available options to choose from for upgrading your truck for summer.

Benefits of Truck Accessories

What are some advantages of upgrading your truck with useful accessories? One reason is to make your truck even more useful and versatile. For example, trail lights and spotlights make it easier to go off-road in the dark. Air intake and exhaust upgrades can give your truck more power, which can help in many areas. Items like front grille bumpers, brush guards, bed liners, and tonneau covers help protect your truck from damage. There's almost no area of your truck that can't be modified or accessorized in some way.


Let's take a look at some examples of popular upgrades and accessories for your truck.

Nerf Bars

Nerf bars are tubular side rails that install just below your doors. They serve a few purposes besides just looking good. The main one is making it easier for people to get in and out of a tall or lifted truck. Nerf bars can also protect your truck body from rocks being kicked up, or obstacles off-road. Nerf bars come in many different styles and finishes, including matte black, gloss black, chrome, and much more. Most nerf bars include a grippy stepping area to provide traction for getting in and out of the truck.

Grille Guards and Brush Guards

Brush guards and grille guards aren't exactly the same in terms of design, but they roughly serve the same purpose. Grille guards offer the most complete protection for your front end. These guards generally protect your grille, augment your bumper protection, and guard your headlights. Brush guards are also sometimes called bull bars, and they simply cover the middle-front area of your bumper. Both accessories give your truck an aggressive, off-road look, but grille guards modify your truck's appearance more extensively than brush guards. They also protect more of your truck's front end. Both guards are typically constructed from tubular metal and are offered in various finishes like black and chrome.

Off-Road Lights

Off-road lights are essential for going off the pavement at night. Stock headlights simply don't provide enough light when it's pitch black. Whether you're trail riding or finding your way to a campsite, off-road lights can turn the night into day when there are no other lights around. Off-road lights come in many different styles. They can be installed on front bumpers or brush guards, and they can also be equipped to roll bars in your truck bed. A common setup is two off-road lights in front of your grille and then two or more installed on the cab.

Bed Liners and Tonneau Covers

Your truck bed is one of the most useful features of your truck. You can haul cargo in it, store tools, and much more. However, if you want your bed to last for a long time, then it's important to protect it with a bed liner, tonneau cover, or both. Bed liners are typically composite materials that fit tightly into your truck bed to protect the bare metal and paint from being damaged by cargo and weather. Bed liners are a good idea no matter what you like to do with your truck.

Tonneau covers are covers that lay flush over your truck bed, i.e. they only cover the height of the bed, unlike a canopy, which is flush with your cab. Tonneau covers provide both security and protection against the elements. These low-profile covers can also increase your truck's aerodynamics somewhat, which can lead to better gas mileage. Tonneau covers are easy to install and can be bought in lockable versions. Not all tonneau covers will work with a bed toolbox though, so it's important to check your brand before buying. 

Off-Road and All-Terrain Tires

Summer is a great time to go off-road and enjoy some time on the trails. You probably don't want to go off-road in your usual street tires though. Depending on the type of trails you plan to go on, you'll want to look at all-terrain (A/T) or mud tires (M/T). The first thing to get out of the way is that mud is the great equalizer when you're off the road. If you can't get the mud out of your tread blocks, you'll end up stuck in no time. Therefore, if you often encounter mud while off-road, there's no substitute for a good mud tire. If you're planning to encounter sand or crawl over rocks, all-terrain tires typically work better than mud tires. It's also important to note that mud tires make a lot of noise on the pavement, while all-terrain tires tend to be quieter.

Interior Truck Upgrades

When you're making plans to upgrade your truck, don't forget about the interior. One of the best upgrades for trucks is all-weather floor mats. Trucks are often used in dirty and dusty conditions, especially if you go off-road. You don't want debris and mud to ruin your interior floors. Protect against that problem by installing all-weather floor mats. These heavy-duty mats go in easily, provide traction, and are easy to clean by just removing them and hosing them down. You might also consider weather-proof seat covers that repel water and keep your stock upholstery from being damaged by water, mud, or debris. Like floor mats, seat protectors are great for off-road trucks.

However you decide to upgrade your truck this summer, PartsHawk has you covered with a wide selection of off-road lights, tires, bed liners, tonneau covers, grille guards, and much more. PartsHawk is one of the top trusted names in online car parts sales.


However you decide to upgrade your truck this summer, PartsHawk has you covered with a wide selection of off-road lights, tires, bed liners, tonneau covers, grille guards, and much more.

PartsHawk is one of the top trusted names in online car parts sales.

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