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Steering Gear

Fits: Chevrolet Blazer, Chevrolet C10, Chevrolet C10 Pickup, Chevrolet C10 Suburban, Chevrolet C20, Chevrolet C20 Pickup, Chevrolet C20 Suburban, Chevrolet C30, Chevrolet C30 Pickup, Chevrolet K5 Blazer, Dodge D100, Dodge D100 Pickup, Dodge D150, Dodge D200, Dodge D200 Pickup, Dodge D300, Dodge D300 Pickup, Dodge Ramcharger, Dodge W100, Dodge W100 Pickup, Dodge W150, Dodge W200, Dodge W200 Pickup, Dodge W300, Dodge W300 Pickup, GMC C15, GMC C15 Suburban, GMC C15/C1500 Pickup, GMC C25, GMC C25 Suburban, GMC C25/C2500 Pickup, GMC C35, GMC C35/C3500 Pickup, GMC Jimmy, International 100, International 1000D, International 1010, International 1100D, International 1110, International 150, International 200, International M1100, International M800 Post Office, International MS, International MS1210, Plymouth Trailduster

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The steering gear box is the heart of the vehicle’s steering system. It guides the wheels’ movement in conjunction with the direction that the steering wheel is rotated, helping achieve ideal steering response for more efficient driving. CARDONE Remanufactured Steering Gear Boxes are re-engineered, built and tested to match O.E. performance. Each unit features 100% new O-rings and lip seals to ensure leak-free, long-lasting performance. Shafts are surfaced to precise specifications to eliminate premature seal wear and extend gear life. All units are 100% hydraulically tested to ensure perfect fit and function.

BRAND: Cardone Reman


  • Chevrolet Blazer 1974-70, C10 1976-75, C10 Pickup 1974-68, C10 Suburban 1976-68, C20 1976-75, C20 Pickup 1974-68, C20 Suburban 1976-68, C30 1976-75, C30 Pickup 1974-68, K5 Blazer 1976-75; Dodge D100 1977-75, D100 Pickup 1974-72, D150 1977, D200 1977-75, D
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  • Remanufactured Steering Gear
  • Steering Gear


Features and BenefitsShafts are surfaced to precise specifications to eliminate premature seal wear and extend gear life.
Features and BenefitsRust inhibitive "Cool Dip" finish is a penetrating dye that completely covers all exposed surfaces for a consistent, protective finish that will not crack, flake or peel.
Features and BenefitsAs a remanufactured Original Equipment part, this unit guarantees a perfect vehicle fit.
Features and Benefits100% new O-rings and lip seals ensure leak-free, long-lasting performance.
Features and BenefitsOur remanufacturing process is earth-friendly, as it reduces the energy and raw material needed to make a new part by 80%.
Features and BenefitsAll critical components are tested to ensure product reliability.
Features and Benefits100% hydraulic testing measures for proper flow, leakage and performance to ensure perfect fit and function.
Hose Port TypeSeat
Input Shaft Diameter (in)0.80
Input Shaft Diameter (mm)20.32
Input Shaft Spline Count31 + Flat & Groove
Input Shaft TypeSplined, Grooved
Number of Mounting Holes4
Output Shaft Diameter (in)1.25
Output Shaft Diameter (mm)31.75
Package ContentsGear, Instruction Sheet, Flushing Instruction, Instruction Tag
Pitman Arm IncludedNo
Pressure Port ID Size0
Pressure Port Thread Size11/16 x 18
Product ConditionRemanufactured
Pump RotationStandard
Return Port ID Size0
Return Port Thread Size5/8 x 18
Steering Box TypePower Steering
Total Turns Lock to Lock3.3 or 4.0



  • Dodge: 3893469


  • 1975-1977 Dodge D100
  • 1971-1973 International 1010
  • 1968-1974 Chevrolet C10 Pickup
  • 1975-1976 Chevrolet K5 Blazer
  • 1975-1976 Chevrolet C30
  • 1975-1976 GMC C35
  • 1974-1975 International 200
  • 1972-1974 Dodge D200 Pickup
  • 1975-1977 Dodge W200
  • 1975-1976 GMC C25
  • 1968-1974 GMC C35/C3500 Pickup
  • 1975-1976 GMC C15 Suburban
  • 1968-1974 GMC C15/C1500 Pickup
  • 1975-1977 Dodge D200
  • 1970-1974 Chevrolet Blazer
  • 1972-1974 Dodge D300 Pickup
  • 1968-1974 GMC C25/C2500 Pickup
  • 1975-1976 GMC C15
  • 1970-1974 GMC C25/C2500 Suburban
  • 1975-1977 Dodge D300
  • 1975-1976 Chevrolet C20
  • 1972-1974 Dodge W300 Pickup
  • 1974-1977 Dodge Ramcharger
  • 1972-1974 International MS1210
  • 1968-1974 Chevrolet C30 Pickup
  • 1972-1974 Dodge D100 Pickup
  • 1970-1974 GMC C15/C1500 Suburban
  • 1975-1975 International 150
  • 1977-1977 Dodge W150
  • 1969-1970 International 1100D
  • 1974-1977 Plymouth Trailduster
  • 1975-1977 Dodge W300
  • 1975-1975 International MS
  • 1972-1972 International M800 Post Office
  • 1975-1977 Dodge W100
  • 1972-1972 International M1100
  • 1968-1974 Chevrolet C20 Pickup
  • 1975-1976 Chevrolet C10 Suburban
  • 1969-1970 International 1000D
  • 1977-1977 Dodge D150
  • 1972-1974 Dodge W100 Pickup
  • 1975-1976 Chevrolet C20 Suburban
  • 1972-1974 Dodge W200 Pickup
  • 1970-1976 GMC Jimmy
  • 1974-1974 International 100
  • 1971-1973 International 1110
  • 1975-1976 GMC C25 Suburban
  • 1975-1976 Chevrolet C10
Customer Questions
Does Cardone offer a warranty?
Cardone offers a limited lifetime warranty on most of their automotive parts.
What are the key features of Cardone's manufactured products?
The key features of Cardone's remanufactured products include cost-effectiveness, quality control, and environmental sustainability.
How to choose the right Cardone product?
To choose the right Cardone product for your specific vehicle make and model, it is recommended to use our Year, Make, Model search at the top of the website.
How does Cardone Industries ensure quality?
Cardone ensures the quality and reliability of their remanufactured parts through rigorous testing and inspection processes.
Steering Gearbox Repair Cost
Replacing a steering gearbox costs between $460 and $1,120, while rebuilding can be cheaper but isn't always available. offers parts for both options. However, this summary excludes the DIY section since it's not recommended for safety reasons.
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