Cardone 77-7466 | Engine Control Module (ECM)

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Engine Control Computer

Fits: 92 Chevrolet Astro, 92-93 Chevrolet LLV, 92-94 Chevrolet S10, 92 Chevrolet S10 Blazer, 92 GMC Jimmy, 92 GMC Safari, 92-94 GMC Sonoma, 92 Oldsmobile Bravada, 94 Chevrolet S10 Blazer, 94 GMC Jimmy

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CARDONE Remanufactured Electronic and Powertrain Control Modules are designed to meet or exceed O.E. performance. Reverse engineering provides insight into how and why the unit originally failed, allowing our engineers to identify and correct original design weaknesses. All critical components are re-soldered or replaced at our Philadelphia manufacturing plant, and each unit is 100% computer tested to ensure reliability. CARDONE is committed to getting your vehicle back to peak performance.

BRAND: Cardone Reman


  • Chevrolet Astro 1992, LLV 1993-92, S10 1994-92, S10 Blazer 1994 1992; GMC Jimmy 1994 1992, Safari 1992, Sonoma 1994-92; Oldsmobile Bravada 1992
  • Engine Control Computer
  • Engine Control Computer, ECC, ECM, Engine Control Module, Computer, Module
  • Reman. Engine Control Computer
  • Remanufactured Engine Control Computer


FAQsNo, not all Ford vehicles require a PATS reset. Check the PATS chart found on the MotorCraft Site for your application.
FAQsChrysler PCM's identified with a "V" suffix will need to be vin programmed.
FAQsThe wrong ECM may have been installed. Verify the Ford Engineering Id number, found on the ECM/PCM, crosses to the correct CARDONE number.
FAQsWhat steps should I take to assure the original ecm/pcm is causing the issue?
FAQsDo all Ford vehicles require a Passive Anti Theft System (P.A.T.S) reset?
FAQsI replaced the PCM in my GM vehicle. Do I need to reset the Passlock or Passkey Vehicle Anti Theft System (VATS)?
FAQsThe replacement ECM for a Ford vehicle won’t start the vehicle. Why?
FAQsDo all Chrysler Power Train Control Modules (PCM) need vin programming?
FAQsPrior to replacing the original ECM/PCM, the installer should determine what caused the original to fail. Common areas that cause failures are: poor grounds and powers, bad wiring harness, shorted solenoids/relays.
FAQsYes, there's a 10 minute procedure utilizing a Tech 2 Scanner and a GM Terminal Subscription. There is also a 30 minute manual procedure that can be done without a scanner. Refer to an OE approved service manual for either option.
Features and BenefitsOn-car vehicle validation is done to test durability and performance.
Features and BenefitsTested with automated computer equipment or bench-tested, depending on application, to ensure functionality.
Features and BenefitsRe-soldering of critical components ensures superior electrical connections. This prevents intermittent failures and leads to longer product life.
Features and BenefitsAs a remanufactured Original Equipment part, this unit guarantees a perfect vehicle fit.
Features and BenefitsOur remanufacturing process is earth-friendly, as it reduces the energy and raw material needed to make a new part by 80%.


  • GMC: 16156647
  • Chevrolet: 16156647
  • Oldsmobile: 16156647


  • 1992-1992 Chevrolet Astro
  • 1992-1993 Chevrolet LLV
  • 1992-1994 GMC Sonoma
  • 1994-1994 Chevrolet S10 Blazer
  • 1992-1992 Oldsmobile Bravada
  • 1994-1994 GMC Jimmy
  • 1992-1994 Chevrolet S10
  • 1992-1992 GMC Safari
  • 1992-1992 Chevrolet S10 Blazer
  • 1992-1992 GMC Jimmy
Customer Questions
Does Cardone offer a warranty?
Cardone offers a limited lifetime warranty on most of their automotive parts.
What are the key features of Cardone's manufactured products?
The key features of Cardone's remanufactured products include cost-effectiveness, quality control, and environmental sustainability.
How to choose the right Cardone product?
To choose the right Cardone product for your specific vehicle make and model, it is recommended to use our Year, Make, Model search at the top of the website.
How does Cardone Industries ensure quality?
Cardone ensures the quality and reliability of their remanufactured parts through rigorous testing and inspection processes.
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