Dayco 6PVK2260 | Serpentine Belt

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Serpentine Belt
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Serpentine Belt

  • Interchanges: 25-060891, 4060889, 6K891, 890K6, JK6-897A, K060891
  • OEM Interchange: 078.903.137K, 078.903.137P, 5132825AA, 53013298AB, 53013767AC, 68027636AA, 4C2E-8620-FA, 6E5Q-6C301-AC, 6E5Z-8620-A, F3ZZ-8620-A, F65A-8620-AA, F6PE-8620-BA, F6PZ-8620-BA, F7UE-8620-CA, 01-49970-692, 12568150CA, 12569214AA, 12569214BA, 90916-02462
Customer Questions
Can a serpentine belt cause smoke?
Yes, a serpentine belt can cause smoke. A serpentine belt is an essential component of a vehicle's engine system. It drives various accessories such as the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and air conditioning compressor. If the serpentine belt becomes worn, damaged, or misaligned, it can cause friction and generate smoke.
Why is my serpentine belt squealing?
The serpentine belt can squeal due to various reasons, including tension issues, worn-out belt, or a problem with the belt's pulleys.
Is my serpentine belt too tight?
If your serpentine belt is causing issues like excessive noise or accelerated wear on the pulleys, it may indicate that the belt is too tight.
Why did my serpentine belt come off?
Serpentine belts can come off due to factors such as belt wear, improper tension, misaligned pulleys, or a faulty tensioner.
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