DEA Products 4713912 | Front Upper Suspension Coil Spring Seat

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Suspension Coil Spring Seat

Fits: 99-04 Honda Odyssey, 01-02 Acura MDX, 03 Honda Pilot

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BRAND: MasterPro Strut Mounts


  • Suspension Coil Spring Seat
Contains Insulator


  • Honda: 51688S0XA01
  • Monroe Shocks & Struts: 907918
  • Honda: 51688S0XA02
  • NAPA Mileage Plus: 2613912
  • Power Torque: FM1912
  • MOOG Chassis Products: K160312
  • Honda: 51402S0XA01
  • Monroe Shocks & Struts: 907919


  • 2003-2003 Honda Pilot - Position: Front Upper
  • 2001-2002 Acura MDX - Position: Front Upper
  • 1999-2004 Honda Odyssey - Position: Front Upper
Customer Questions
How do suspension stabilizer bars work?
Suspension stabilizer bars, or sway bars, reduce body roll during turns by connecting the suspension on opposite sides of the vehicle and distributing the force of the turn more evenly between the wheels.
Do stabilizer bars affect steering?
Yes, stabilizer bars can affect steering by reducing body roll during turns and improving handling and stability.
Where is the stabilizer bar link?
The stabilizer bar link is a small metal rod with ball joints that connects the stabilizer bar to the suspension system of a vehicle. It is typically located near the wheels and attaches to the control arm or strut of the suspension.
What is the suspension stabilizer bar link?
The suspension stabilizer bar link is a component that connects the suspension stabilizer bar to the suspension system of a vehicle, allowing the stabilizer bar to effectively reduce body roll during turns and improve the handling and stability of the vehicle. It is typically a small metal rod with ball joints on each end.
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