Dorman 902-1005 | Engine Coolant Thermostat Housing

Part Number
Engine Coolant Thermostat Housing

Fits: 97-98 Ford Club Wagon, 97-02 Ford E-150 Econoline, 97-02 Ford E-150 Econoline Club Wagon, 97-02 Ford E-250 Econoline, 97-00 Ford E-350 Econoline, 97-02 Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon, 97-99 Ford Econoline Super Duty, 97-04 Ford Expedition, 97-08 Ford F-150, 97-08 Ford F-250, 97-08 Ford Lobo, 98-99 Lincoln Navigator, 99-19 Ford E-350 Super Duty, 99-02 Ford E-450 Econoline Super Duty, 99-06 Ford Econoline, 99-04 Ford F-250 Super Duty, 99-04 Ford F-350, 99-04 Ford F-350 Super Duty, 99-05 Ford F-450 Super Duty, 99-05 Ford F-550 Super Duty, 99-04 Ford F53, 00-05 Ford Excursion, 07-08 Ford E-150 Econoline, 02-14 Ford E-150, 02-05 Ford E-350 Club Wagon, 02 Ford E-550 Econoline Super Duty, 03-05 Ford E-150 Club Wagon, 03-14 Ford E-250, 07-08 Ford E-350 Econoline, 03-19 Ford E-450 Super Duty, 03 Ford E-550 Super Duty, 04 Ford F-150 Heritage, 10-14 Ford Econoline Van, 10-14 Ford Econoline Wagon

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This replacement engine coolant thermostat housing is engineered to match the fit and durability of the stock thermostat housing on specified vehicles. It is designed to withstand extreme temperature changes to extend service life.

BRAND: Dorman - OE Solutions


  • Engine Coolant Thermostat Housing
  • Durable construction - this part is specifically designed to withstand extreme temperature changes and resist cracking and leaking
  • Ideal replacement - this engine coolant thermostat housing directly replaces the original housing on specified vehicle years, makes and models
  • Ford 2019-97, Lincoln 1999-98
  • Industry-leading design - professionally engineered by the aftermarket leader in replacement thermostat housings
  • Engine, Coolant, Thermostat, Housing, Thermostats, Housings
  • Cost-effective and reliable - offers original manufacturer quality at lower cost than getting replacement at dealer


Air Vent (Bleeder Valve)Yes
Bolts IncludedNo
Gasket Or Seal IncludedYes
Housing Neck Angle (°)30 deg
Mounting Hole Diameter0.375
Mounting Hole Quantity2
O Rings IncludedNot Required
Outlet Port Diameter1.69
Package ContentsThermostat Housing with Gasket
Thermostat IncludedNo




  • FOUR SEASONS: 85002
  • MOTORAD: CH5002
  • Ford: F65Z8592BD
  • QUEZADA: 7314
  • GATES: CO34768
  • KNADIAN: TF002


  • 1997-2002 Ford E-150 Econoline Club Wagon - Position: N/A
  • 1999-2005 Ford F-450 Super Duty - Position: N/A
  • 1997-2008 Ford Lobo - Position: N/A
  • 1998-1999 Lincoln Navigator - Position: N/A
  • 1997-1998 Ford Club Wagon - Position: N/A
  • 1997-2000 Ford E-350 Econoline - Position: N/A
  • 1997-2002 Ford E-150 Econoline - Position: N/A
  • 2003-2005 Ford E-150 Club Wagon - Position: N/A
  • 2010-2014 Ford Econoline Wagon - Position: N/A
  • 1997-2002 Ford E-250 Econoline - Position: N/A
  • 2000-2005 Ford Excursion - Position: N/A
  • 1999-2002 Ford E-450 Econoline Super Duty - Position: N/A
  • 1997-2004 Ford Expedition - Position: N/A
  • 2002-2002 Ford E-550 Econoline Super Duty - Position: N/A
  • 2007-2008 Ford E-350 Econoline - Position: N/A
  • 1999-2006 Ford Econoline - Position: N/A
  • 1997-2002 Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon - Position: N/A
  • 1997-1999 Ford Econoline Super Duty - Position: N/A
  • 2003-2014 Ford E-250 - Position: N/A
  • 1997-2008 Ford F-150 - Position: N/A
  • 1999-2004 Ford F-350 Super Duty - Position: N/A
  • 2002-2005 Ford E-350 Club Wagon - Position: N/A
  • 2003-2019 Ford E-450 Super Duty - Position: N/A
  • 2010-2014 Ford Econoline Van - Position: N/A
  • 1997-2008 Ford F-250 - Position: N/A
  • 1999-2004 Ford F-250 Super Duty - Position: N/A
  • 2007-2008 Ford E-150 Econoline - Position: N/A
  • 1999-2019 Ford E-350 Super Duty - Position: N/A
  • 1999-2004 Ford F-350 - Position: N/A
  • 2002-2014 Ford E-150 - Position: N/A
  • 1999-2004 Ford F53 - Position: N/A
  • 2003-2003 Ford E-550 Super Duty - Position: N/A
  • 1999-2005 Ford F-550 Super Duty - Position: N/A
  • 2004-2004 Ford F-150 Heritage - Position: N/A
Customer Questions
Can I use Dorman parts to replace OEM parts?
Yes, Dorman parts can often be used as replacements for OEM parts, but it is important to carefully compare specifications and ensure compatibility.
How do I install Dorman shift linkage bushing?
To install a Dorman shift linkage bushing, first locate the old bushing and remove it if necessary. Apply lubricant to the Dorman bushing and slide it onto the shift linkage, tapping it into place with a soft tool until fully seated. Check the alignment and function of the shift linkage after installation.
Where is Dorman manufactured?
Dorman is a global automotive parts supplier with manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico, Canada, China, and India. Its headquarters and largest manufacturing facility are located in Colmar, Pennsylvania, USA.
When to replace the engine coolant thermostat?
The engine coolant thermostat should be replaced if it is not functioning properly or as a preventive maintenance measure after a certain mileage or time interval.
What is an engine coolant thermostat?
An engine coolant thermostat is a component that regulates the flow of coolant through the engine to maintain optimal operating temperature.
Will the engine coolant temperature sensor keep the car from starting?
In most cases, a malfunctioning engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT sensor) will not prevent the car from starting. The engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT sensor) is responsible for monitoring the temperature of the engine coolant and sending that information to the engine control unit (ECU). The ECU uses this information to make adjustments to the fuel mixture and ignition timing for optimal engine performance.
Does PartsHawk carry an engine coolant thermostat for Mazda 6?
Yes, PartsHawk carries an Engine Coolant thermostat for Mazda 6
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