Edelbrock 9904 Carburetor

Performer Series Carburetor; Reman; 4 bbl; 500cfm; Square Flange 4150/Dual Quad 4150; Manual Choke; Single Fuel Inlet; Gas; Mech. Secondary w/Velocity Air Valve;
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Performer Series Carburetor; Reman; 4 bbl; 500cfm; Square Flange 4150/Dual Quad 4150; Manual Choke; Single Fuel Inlet; Gas; Mech. Secondary w/Velocity Air Valve;

  • WARNING CA Proposition 65 Message: WARNING: This product can expose you to Chromium; which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information; visit www.P65warnings.ca.gov.

  • Burnished Aluminum
  • Teflon Coated Shafts/Pump Arm For Max. Protection
  • Electric Choke Installed from Factory
  • Easy Tuning with 2-Piece Design
  • Smooth Secondary Transition
  • Both Timed and Full Vacuum Ports
  • Includes PCV Outlet

The Edelbrock 9904 Remanufactured Performer Series 500 CFM manual choke carburetor is a precisely tuned, quality-built carburetor that can handle the rigors of daily driving while delivering consistent, reliable street performance from day to day. Several characteristics make the Edelbrock 9904 Remanufactured Performer Series 500 CFM manual choke carburetor an outstanding street performer. The first one is that metering rods are utilized to transition between circuits. The carburetor is unaffected by engine backfires, which means that there are no power valves to blow out, and the rods can be changed in seconds without carburetor removal or fuel draining. Secondly, the carburetor has the unique ability to "hold a tune", so once it is tuned, the carburetor stay's tuned. What this means to you is that compared to other carburetors, the performance remains consistent and the calibration stays unchanged. The lightweight all-aluminum body features a two-piece body that resists warping and is compatible with gasohol and blended fuels. The simple tub-type bowls and rear-pivot floats all contribute to a carburetor that's reliable, user-friendly and is easily tunable for miles and miles of trouble-free operation.

When you design and sell the best-engineered performance products in the world, you have to have a rigorous testing program. Why? Without adequate testing, there's no way to stand behind your product with confidence. That's why every product we design and sell at Edelbrock is tested and approved by Edelbrock engineers in a real world environment on state-of-the-art equipment. Our three Super Flow computerized engine dynos are capable of measuring 11 separate engine variables up to speeds of 12,000 rpm. For 2007, we added a new Super Flow SF902 engine dyno. It's fully automated and programmable to simulate various driving situations, and is equipped with WinDyn software for the very latest in testing equipment. For real-world tuning, there's our Super Flow model SF-840 eddy-current chassis dyno that can handle up to 1,000 hp at the wheels and speeds of 200 mph. When all testing is completed, the results evaluated, and the part has passed all performance criteria, then, and only then, is the product deemed ready for production. These precise testing procedures are applied to the entire Edelbrock line for performance that's guaranteed. Edelbrock test vehicles are driven by Edelbrock engineers and employees to get a "real world" feeling for the performance improvements. Our products are also tested and used by professional race car teams and drivers. Working with these talented individuals is just another extension of our research and development process so when we say "proven performance" we really mean it! Top racing teams in all forms of motorsports rely on Edelbrock to produce parts that they can count on to win races and championships. Further underscoring our commitment to the racing community, Edelbrock is the only aftermarket intake manifold manufacturer licensed by NASCAR.

More Information
Brand Edelbrock
Part Type Carburetor
Part Number 9904
Short Description Performer Series Carburetor; Reman; 4 bbl; 500cfm; Square Flange 4150/Dual Quad 4150; Manual Choke; Single Fuel Inlet; Gas; Mech. Secondary w/Velocity Air Valve;
Part Category Air and Fuel Delivery
Part SubCategory Carburetion
Surface Finish Satin
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