Energy Suspension 18.5102G | Rear Suspension Stabilizer Bar Bushing Kit

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Sway Bar Bushing Set; Black; Rear; Bar Dia. 15mm; Performance Polyurethane

Fits: 91-92 Saturn SC, 91-02 Saturn SL, 91-02 Saturn SL1, 91-02 Saturn SL2, 93-02 Saturn SC1, 93-02 Saturn SC2, 93-99 Saturn SW1, 93-01 Saturn SW2

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Energy Suspension performance polyurethane sway bar bushings and end links offer the greatest improvement in performance among all the products Energy offers. They make a vehicle's sway bar system much more effective like adding a larger, higher performance sway bar! Economy, increased efficiency, and easy installation are just some of the reasons these products are so popular. Made of Hyper-Flex(TM) polyurethane that lasts much longer than O.E.M. rubber bushings.

BRAND: Energy Suspension


  • Handling Characteristics Improve Dramatically
  • Sway Bar Bushing Set; Black; Rear; Bar Dia. 15mm; Performance Polyurethane;
  • Lasts Much Longer Than OEM Rubber Bushings
  • Sway Bar Bushing Set
  • Allows Sway Bar System To Work At 100% Efficiency


WARNING CA Proposition 65No

Black; Bar Dia. 15mm; Performance Polyurethane



  • 1993-1999 Saturn SW1 - Position: Rear
  • 1991-2002 Saturn SL2 - Position: Rear
  • 1993-2002 Saturn SC1 - Position: Rear
  • 1991-1992 Saturn SC - Position: Rear
  • 1993-2002 Saturn SC2 - Position: Rear
  • 1993-2001 Saturn SW2 - Position: Rear
  • 1991-2002 Saturn SL1 - Position: Rear
  • 1991-2002 Saturn SL - Position: Rear
Customer Questions
How long do polyurethane bushings last?
Polyurethane bushings can last anywhere from 3 to 10 years, but their lifespan depends on several factors, including quality, usage, and maintenance.
How do suspension stabilizer bars work?
Suspension stabilizer bars, or sway bars, reduce body roll during turns by connecting the suspension on opposite sides of the vehicle and distributing the force of the turn more evenly between the wheels.
Do stabilizer bars affect steering?
Yes, stabilizer bars can affect steering by reducing body roll during turns and improving handling and stability.
Where is the stabilizer bar link?
The stabilizer bar link is a small metal rod with ball joints that connects the stabilizer bar to the suspension system of a vehicle. It is typically located near the wheels and attaches to the control arm or strut of the suspension.
What is the suspension stabilizer bar link?
The suspension stabilizer bar link is a component that connects the suspension stabilizer bar to the suspension system of a vehicle, allowing the stabilizer bar to effectively reduce body roll during turns and improve the handling and stability of the vehicle. It is typically a small metal rod with ball joints on each end.
How to install energy suspension bushings?
To install Energy Suspension bushings, remove old bushings, press or tap in new bushings using a bushing installation tool, clean and lubricate suspension components, and follow specific instructions provided by Energy Suspension.
Does Energy Suspension have parts for Mazda Miata?
Yes, Energy Suspension offers a range of suspension bushings and components for Mazda Miata models.
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