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Car and Truck Exhaust Systems from Flowmaster, Borla, Bosal, and Walker

When some people think of their car or truck’s exhaust system they often just think of the pipes under the car that blow out the exhaust. Your car’s exhaust system actually consists of many parts that all have their critical function and importance.

Aside from the exhaust’s intended purposes of filtering out the toxins created by an internal combustion engine and muffling the noise it produces, a properly working and well-tuned exhaust system can increase the power of your vehicle, it can increase your mileage per gallon, or it can produce a sound that screams “here I come” from blocks away. It all depends on which outcome you want and whatever that outcome, is we have you covered with top brands like Flowmaster, Borla, Bosal, Walker Exhaust Systems, Magnaflow Exhaust, and MBRP Powersports.

Honestly, when it comes to exhaust systems, you don’t have to choose form over function. If you want a loud car that has increased performance and better mileage, we have the exhaust system and mufflers for you. If you want a quiet luxury ride that whispers “here I am” but no one can hear it, anyway, we have that exhaust system kit, too. From exhaust headers to exhaust stacks, clamps, hangers, exhaust tips, and oxygen sensors, PartsHawk has it all. Come shop for a new exhaust or exhaust accessories today.

Replacement and Performance Exhaust Parts for Cars and Trucks

System Kit


Catalytic Converters


Exhaust Stacks

Exhaust Tips

Exhaust Tips

Exhaust Clamps

Exhaust Hangers

Exhaust Gaskets

Oxygen Sensors

Heat Shields


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