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Basic auto care goes a long way toward improving the safety and dependability of a vehicle. Whether you do it yourself or visit a trusted professional technician, the non-profit Car Care Council recommends 10 Fall Car Care Month maintenance procedures to help make sure your car is operating at its best before winter begins (yes even if you live in Florida!). Not only will this give you peace of mind going into the different season, you will also be able to look for basic issues and avoid headaches that could be more costly later on. Your car is a tool and just like any tool, they should be well taken cared for and up-to-date on everything required.

Check your belts and cooling systems to make sure they are not cracked, brittle, frayed, and loose or showing signs of excessive wear. As rubber and plastic overtime can become brittle due to heat and, it’s important to check and survey all hoses and plastic connectors so they do not leak and leave you stranded, or worse, cause catastrophic engine damage. See all Belts and Cooling

Check the brake system annually and have the brake linings, rotors and drums inspected at each oil change to ensure that your brakes will function properly and stop as intended.
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Check the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system as proper heating and cooling performance is critical for interior comfort and safety reasons, such as defrosting. In those winter days its good to know that you have a working heater because in some cases you can be stranded in the snow and a heater can literally save your life. See all HVAC Products

Inspect the steering and suspension system annually, including shock absorbers, struts and chassis parts such as ball joints, tie rod ends and other related components for those bumpy snow drifts. See all suspension products

Check the wipers and lighting so that you can see and be seen. Check that all interior and exterior lighting is working properly and replace worn wiper blades so you can see clearly when driving during precipitation. This can also help avoid any costly and time consuming tickets as driving without proper lighting is not only illegal, it’s downright dangerous.

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