Power Steering Rack Replacement And Repair Costs

The power steering rack, also known as the rack and pinion, is a crucial component of your car's steering system. It translates your steering wheel movements into turning the wheels. A failing rack and pinion can cause several issues, including:

  • Leaking fluid
  • Difficulty turning the wheel
  • Clunking noises

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, you might need a rack and pinion replacement. Here's a breakdown of the costs involved:

Rack and Pinion Price (Parts)

The cost of the rack and pinion itself (rack and pinion price) can vary depending on your car's make, model, and year. Generally, they can range from:

  • $100 to $500 for a new rack and pinion
  • Less for a remanufactured one
    Remanufactured parts are rebuilt using recycled components and can be a cost-effective option. PartsHawk.com offers a selection of new and remanufactured rack and pinions for various vehicles.

Steering Rack Replacement Cost (Labor)

Replacing the rack and pinion is a complex job that typically requires a mechanic's expertise. Labor costs can vary depending on your location and the mechanic's shop rate, but they generally fall between:

  • $350 to $450

Total Cost Estimate

Taking both parts and labor into account, a rack and pinion replacement (steering rack replacement cost) can range anywhere from:

  • $700 to $1,000 on the lower end
  • Upwards of $2,000 for luxury or high-performance vehicles

Additional Costs to Consider

Wheel Alignment: After replacing the rack and pinion, a wheel alignment is necessary to ensure your wheels are properly aligned. This typically costs between $50 and $100.
Power Steering Fluid: You might also need to replace the power steering fluid, which is a relatively inexpensive cost.

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