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Female Komatsu Style Japanese Metric Swivel (MegaCrimp)
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Gates MegaCrimp couplings are designed for use with Gates wire braid hydraulic hose to create a robust, leak-free assembly. The pre-assembled coupling is designed with a patented C insert attached to the ferrule. This design ensures that crimping forces are evenly distributed to form a concentric, leak-free seal.

One MegaCrimp coupling size can accommodate various one and two-wire braid hydraulic hoses of different constructions and wall thicknesses, simplifying inventory requirements, helping to reduce costs and simplifying coupling selection.

  • Robust bite-the-wire crimp
  • Low profile
  • Full-stem insertion
  • Full-length crimp
  • Tested to industry-leading 600,000 impulse cycles
  • Simplifies inventory management
  • Environmentally-friendly TuffCoat plating for 345 percent better corrosion resistance than SAE standard

These female swivels have been marked with two small notches on the hex to identify them as the Komatsu style.

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BRAND: Gates


  • Hydraulic Coupling - MegaCrimp
  • Female Komatsu Style Japanese Metric Swivel (MegaCrimp)
  • Female Komatsu Style Japanese Metric Swivel (MegaCrimp)


Coupling DescriptionMegaCrimp Female Komatsu Style Japanese Metric Swivel
Cut Off (in) - C1.42
Cut Off (mm) - C36.1
Hose Inside Diameter (in).375
Hose Inside Diameter (mm)9.5
Hose RecommendationCan Accommodate Various Hose Outside Diameters on Both One-Wire & Two-Wire Braid Hydraulic Hose
Industrial Description6G-6FKX
Length (in) - L2.52
Length (mm) - L64
Nut Hex (mm) - H224
Stem Hex (mm) - H117
Thread SizeM18X1.5


  • Goodyear: 14545-0618
  • Kurt Hydraulics: F-KOMX-06-18
  • Goodyear: UC-KMFX-0618
  • Dayco: 101532
  • Parker: 1MU43-6-6
  • Weatherhead: 06U18K
  • Weatherhead: 06Z18K
  • Goodyear: 13545-0618
  • Aeroquip: 1A6KF6
  • Goodyear: B2-KMFX-0618
  • Parker: 1MU43-06-06
  • Dayco: 134001
  • NAPA: G25910-0606
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What types of automotive products does Gates offer?
Gates offers a wide range of automotive products, including belts, hoses, tensioners, and more.
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Yes, Gates offers a range of replacement belts for various applications. To find the best one for your specific make and model, it is recommended to consult the Gates website or reach out to their customer support.
Are there any specific maintenance for Gates products?
Yes, there are specific maintenance and installation guidelines to follow when using Gates products to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
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