ATP TA-8 | Jeep Grand Cherokee Cabin Air Filter

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ATP Carbon Activated Premium Cabin Air Filter

Fits: 99-10 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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ATP Carbon Activated Premium Cabin Air Filters offer the highest level of protection. Outside air flowing thru the vents often contains impurities and even obnoxious odors (like diesel fumes). The ATP Premium Filter has a static electrical charge which traps particles before they enter the passenger compartment. Activated carbon then absorbs obnoxious odors resulting in cleaner air for you and your family.



  • Carbon Activated Premium Cabin Filter
  • element; fram; bosch; wix; hastings; denso; hepa; purolator; vent; cabin; air
  • ATP Carbon Activated Premium Cabin Air Filter
  • ATP Carbon Activated Premium Cabin Air Filter
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee 10-99



Media: Activated CarbonDealer Option



  • Auto Extra: 61624903
  • FRAM: CF10363


  • 1999-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Customer Questions
Can cabin air filters cause check engine light?
Cabin air filters generally do not directly cause the check engine light to come on. They are primarily responsible for filtering the air that enters the cabin of your vehicle and does not directly impact the engine's performance or emissions.
Will cabin air filters affect the AC?
Yes, a clogged cabin air filter can affect the performance of the air conditioning system.
Do cabin air filters affect gas mileage?
Yes, a clogged cabin air filter can potentially affect gas mileage.
How do cabin air filters work?
A cabin air filter works by trapping and filtering airborne particles and contaminants before they enter a vehicle's interior through the ventilation system.
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