KYB KG4524 | Front Suspension Shock Absorber

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High Pressure Monotube Gas Shock

Fits: 56-57 Saab 93, 58-59 Saab 93B, 58-65 Saab GT750, 59-66 Saab 95, 63 Saab GT850, 64-66 Saab Monte Carlo, 61-66 Saab 96, 68-74 Saab Sonett, 69-80 Saab 99
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High Pressure Monotube Gas Shock

The Gas-a-just monotube shock absorber is available as an OE monotube replacement to restore your vehicles original capabilities. The KYB Gas-a-just has two separate working chambers: An air-free hydraulic piston and valve area for responsiveness and control, and a second high-pressure nitrogen gas area with a floating piston that provides a comfortable ride during normal driving and adds instant performance on demand.


  • Adds Up To 25% More Damping Performance Over Original Equipment Shocks
  • Components And Valving Designed Specifically For Saabs
  • Gas-A-Just Monotubes Include Additional Damping Over Oe Design For Vehicles That Work, Tow, And Have Larger, Heavier Tires & Wheels
  • High Pressure Monotube Design Separates The Gas And Oil For Fade Free Operation And Instant Response
  • Fluid Leaking Can Be A Cause Of Shock Failure, The Kyb Gas-A-Just Has An Ultra-Smooth Triple Chrome Plated Chrome Piston Rod To Reduce Seal Wear
  • The Higher Gas Pressure Of The Kyb Gas-A-Just Responds Quickly To Improve Steering Response
  • Electronic Safety Systems Depend On The Suspension, Brakes And Tires Operating As The Vehicle Manufacturer Intended. The Kyb Gas-A-Just Helps Keep Electronic Safety Systems Performing As Designed.


Compressed Length:10.35
Dust Cover Included:Y
Extended Length:15.16
FEATURE AND BENEFIT 1:Adds up to 25% more damping performance over original equipment shocks
FEATURE AND BENEFIT 2:Components and valving designed specifically for Saabs
FEATURE AND BENEFIT 3:Gas-a-Just monotubes include additional damping over OE design for vehicles that work, tow, and have larger, heavier tires & wheels
FEATURE AND BENEFIT 4:High pressure monotube design separates the gas and oil for fade free operation and instant response
FEATURE AND BENEFIT 5:Fluid leaking can be a cause of shock failure, the KYB Gas-a-just has an ultra-smooth triple chrome plated chrome piston rod to reduce seal wear
FEATURE AND BENEFIT 6:The higher gas pressure of the KYB Gas-a-Just responds quickly to improve steering response
FEATURE AND BENEFIT 7:Electronic safety systems depend on the suspension, brakes and tires operating as the vehicle manufacturer intended. The KYB Gas-a-just helps keep Electronic Safety Systems performing as designed.
Internal Rebound Spring:N
Lower Mount Type:E1
Stroke Length:4.8
Upper Mount Type:E1


  • Gabriel: 82607


  • 1961-1966 Saab 96        Position: Front        Note: Recommended OEM Replacement
  • 1968-1974 Saab Sonett        Position: Front        Note: Recommended OEM Replacement
  • 1969-1980 Saab 99        Position: Front        Note: Recommended OEM Replacement
  • 1956-1957 Saab 93        Position: Front        Note: Recommended OEM Replacement
  • 1958-1959 Saab 93B        Position: Front        Note: Recommended OEM Replacement
  • 1958-1965 Saab GT750        Position: Front        Note: Recommended OEM Replacement
  • 1959-1966 Saab 95        Position: Front        Note: Recommended OEM Replacement
  • 1963 Saab GT850        Position: Front        Note: Recommended OEM Replacement
  • 1964-1966 Saab Monte Carlo        Position: Front        Note: Recommended OEM Replacement

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