B&M 20234 Automatic Transmission Vacuum Modulator

Transmission Vacuum Modulator; Fully Adjustable To Tailor Shift Patterns;
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Transmission Vacuum Modulator; Fully Adjustable To Tailor Shift Patterns;

  • WARNING CA Proposition 65: No

  • Fully Adjustable
  • Allows You To Tailor Shift Points
  • Comes Supplied Pre-Adjusted
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

B&M's vacuum modulator is fully adjustable, this allows you to tailor your shift points to within a range of 2-4 mph. Comes preadjusted for normal shift points. For TH350 and TH400.

As performance enthusiasts today, most people are accustomed to having access to whatever performance parts they need for their vehicle readily available at their local dealer. It usually never crosses anyone's mind who invented these products? Who was the first to identify the need, then develop and manufacture that product? Since the very early 1950s, B&M has been at the vanguard of the growing automotive aftermarket. Racers themselves, B&M's founders identified the needs of local racers and street performance enthusiasts, and developed products to fill those needs. As the industry grew so did B&M. And as racers went faster, B&M developed products to help them break the records they just set. In the 50's it was B&M who came up with the idea of using a performance reinforced Hydramatic for racing. In the 60s it was B&M who developed shifters to go along with it, and later in the decade came race converters. In the 70's shift and transmission improving kits, and always the constant refinements and expansion of existing product lines. If you've ever raced a vehicle, or driven a hot rod with an automatic transmission, high stall torque converter, an aftermarket automatic shifter, or performance enhancing shifting kit, thank B&M. From Trick Shift performance ATF to reverse pattern valve bodies, 1.80 gearsets to cool canisters, the list of firsts goes on and on. It's this tradition that keeps moving B&M to identify and develop what the performance enthusiast needs. As racing and street performance has spread globally, B&M has taken it's extensive knowledge and experience and applied it to the needs of racers, everyday drivers and hobbyists around the world. Keep looking to B&M to continue to be amongst the very first to identify vehicle needs in the global automotive aftermarket, supplying enthusiasts and racers what they need, performance!

More Information
Brand B&M
Part Type Automatic Transmission Vacuum Modulator
Part Number 20234
Short Description Transmission Vacuum Modulator; Fully Adjustable To Tailor Shift Patterns;
Part Category Transmission
Part SubCategory Automatic Transmission Components
Surface Finish Gold Iridite
Material Steel
Buyers Guide BUICK APOLLO 75-73 All, BUICK CENTURION 73-71 All, BUICK CENTURY 81-73 All, BUICK ELECTRA 67-65 All, BUICK ELECTRA 81-69 All, BUICK ESTATE WAGON 81-70 All, BUICK GRAN SPORT 1965 All, BUICK GRAN SPORT 1967 All, BUICK GS 72-70 All, BUICK LESABRE 81-65 All, BUICK REGAL 81-73 All, BUICK RIVIERA 78-65 All, BUICK SKYHAWK 80-75 All, BUICK SKYLARK 67-65 All, BUICK SKYLARK 72-69 All, BUICK SKYLARK 79-75 All, BUICK SPECIAL 1969 All, BUICK SPECIAL 67-65 All, BUICK SPORTWAGON 72-67 All, BUICK WILDCAT 70-65 All, CADILLAC BROUGHAM 90-87 All, CADILLAC CALAIS 76-65 All, CADILLAC COMMERCIAL CHASSIS 83-65 All, CADILLAC DEVILLE 81-65 All, CADILLAC ELDORADO 1979 All, CADILLAC ELDORADO 66-65 All, CADILLAC FLEETWOOD 84-65 All, CADILLAC SEVILLE 78-76 All, CHEVROLET BEL AIR 1963 All, CHEVROLET BEL AIR 75-65 All, CHEVROLET BISCAYNE 1963 All, CHEVROLET BISCAYNE 72-65 All, CHEVROLET BLAZER 74-69 All, CHEVROLET BLAZER 90-87 All, CHEVROLET BROOKWOOD 1969 All, CHEVROLET BROOKWOOD 1972 All, CHEVROLET C10 86-75 All, CHEVROLET C10 PICKUP 1966 All, CHEVROLET C10 PICKUP 74-69 All, CHEVROLET C10 SUBURBAN 84-67 All, CHEVROLET C1500 90-88 All, CHEVROLET C20 86-75 All, CHEVROLET C20 PICKUP 1966 All, CHEVROLET C20 PICKUP 74-69 All, CHEVROLET C20 SUBURBAN 86-67 All, CHEVROLET C2500 90-88 All, CHEVROLET C30 86-75 All, CHEVROLET C30 PICKUP 1966 All, CHEVROLET C30 PICKUP 74-69 All, CHEVROLET C3500 90-88 All, CHEVROLET CAMARO 81-69 All, CHEVROLET CAPRICE 80-66 All, CHEVROLET CHEVELLE 68-65 All, CHEVROLET CHEVELLE 72-70 All, CHEVROLET CHEVY II 67-66 All, CHEVROLET CORVETTE 80-67 All, CHEVROLET EL CAMINO 80-65 All, CHEVROLET G10 90-75 All, CHEVROLET G10 VAN 74-69 All, CHEVROLET G20 90-75 All, CHEVROLET G20 VAN 74-69 All, CHEVROLET G30 90-75 All, CHEVROLET G30 VAN 74-70 All, CHEVROLET IMPALA 1963 All, CHEVROLET IMPALA 80-65 All, CHEVROLET K10 86-75 All, CHEVROLET K10 PICKUP 1966 All, CHEVROLET K10 PICKUP 74-69 All, CHEVROLET K10 SUBURBAN 84-67 All, CHEVROLET K1500 90-88 All, CHEVROLET K20 86-75 All, CHEVROLET K20 PICKUP 1966 All, CHEVROLET K20 PICKUP 74-69 All, CHEVROLET K20 SUBURBAN 86-67 All, CHEVROLET K2500 90-88 All, CHEVROLET K30 86-77 All, CHEVROLET K30 PICKUP 74-69 All, CHEVROLET K3500 90-88 All, CHEVROLET K5 BLAZER 86-75 All, CHEVROLET KINGSWOOD 72-69 All, CHEVROLET LAGUNA 76-75 All, CHEVROLET MALIBU 80-73 All, CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 80-70 All, CHEVROLET MONZA 80-75 All, CHEVROLET NOVA 78-69 All, CHEVROLET P10 80-75 All, CHEVROLET P10 SERIES 67-65 All, CHEVROLET P20 89-75 All, CHEVROLET P20 SERIES 67-65 All, CHEVROLET P20 VAN 74-69 All, CHEVROLET P30 90-75 All, CHEVROLET P30 SERIES 67-65 All, CHEVROLET P30 VAN 74-69 All, CHEVROLET R10 1987 All, CHEVROLET R1500 SUBURBAN 1990 All, CHEVROLET R20 88-87 All, CHEVROLET R20 SUBURBAN 88-87 All, CHEVROLET R2500 1989 All, CHEVROLET R2500 SUBURBAN 90-89 All, CHEVROLET R30 88-87 All, CHEVROLET R3500 90-89 All, CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1966 All, CHEVROLET TOWNSMAN 72-69 All, CHEVROLET V10 1987 All, CHEVROLET V1500 SUBURBAN 1990 All, CHEVROLET V20 1987 All, CHEVROLET V20 SUBURBAN 88-87 All, CHEVROLET V2500 SUBURBAN 90-89 All, CHEVROLET V30 88-87 All, CHEVROLET V3500 90-89 All, CHEVROLET VEGA 77-71 All, GMC C15 78-75 All, GMC C15 SUBURBAN 78-75 All, GMC C15/C1500 PICKUP 74-68 All, GMC C15/C1500 SUBURBAN 74-68 All, GMC C1500 86-79 All, GMC C1500 90-88 All, GMC C1500 SUBURBAN 84-79 All, GMC C25 78-75 All, GMC C25 SUBURBAN 78-75 All, GMC C25/C2500 PICKUP 74-67 All, GMC C25/C2500 SUBURBAN 74-67 All, GMC C2500 86-79 All, GMC C2500 90-88 All, GMC C2500 SUBURBAN 86-79 All, GMC C35 78-75 All, GMC C35/C3500 PICKUP 74-68 All, GMC C3500 86-79 All, GMC C3500 90-88 All, GMC CABALLERO 80-78 All, GMC G15 78-75 All, GMC G15/G1500 VAN 74-69 All, GMC G1500 90-79 All, GMC G25 78-75 All, GMC G25/G2500 VAN 74-69 All, GMC G2500 90-79 All, GMC G35 78-75 All, GMC G35/G3500 VAN 74-70 All, GMC G3500 90-79 All, GMC JIMMY 90-70 All, GMC K15 78-75 All, GMC K15 SUBURBAN 78-75 All, GMC K15/K1500 PICKUP 74-66 All, GMC K15/K1500 SUBURBAN 74-67 All, GMC K1500 86-79 All, GMC K1500 90-88 All, GMC K1500 SUBURBAN 84-79 All, GMC K25 78-75 All, GMC K25 SUBURBAN 78-75 All, GMC K25/K2500 PICKUP 74-67 All, GMC K25/K2500 SUBURBAN 74-68 All, GMC K2500 86-79 All, GMC K2500 90-88 All, GMC K2500 SUBURBAN 86-79 All, GMC K35 78-77 All, GMC K35/K3500 PICKUP 74-68 All, GMC K3500 86-79 All, GMC K3500 90-88 All, GMC P15 78-75 All, GMC P1500 80-79 All, GMC P25 78-75 All, GMC P2500 89-79 All, GMC P35 78-75 All, GMC P3500 90-79 All, GMC R1500 1987 All, GMC R1500 SUBURBAN 1990 All, GMC R2500 89-87 All, GMC R2500 SUBURBAN 90-87 All, GMC R3500 90-87 All, GMC SPRINT 77-71 All, GMC V1500 1987 All, GMC V1500 SUBURBAN 1990 All, GMC V2500 1987 All, GMC V2500 SUBURBAN 90-87 All, GMC V3500 90-87 All, OLDSMOBILE 442 71-65 All, OLDSMOBILE 98 80-65 All, OLDSMOBILE CUSTOM CRUISER 80-71 All, OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 81-67 All, OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS CALAIS 80-78 All, OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS CRUISER 1980 All, OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SALON 80-75 All, OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME 80-75 All, 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