Gates 354860 | Power Steering Pressure Line Hose Assembly

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Power Steering Pressure Line Hose Assembly

Fits: Chevrolet Blazer, Chevrolet C10, Chevrolet C10 Suburban, Chevrolet C15, Chevrolet C20, Chevrolet C20 Suburban, Chevrolet C30, Chevrolet C35, Chevrolet K10, Chevrolet K10 Suburban, Chevrolet K20, Chevrolet K20 Suburban, Chevrolet K30, Chevrolet K5 Blazer, Chevrolet R10, Chevrolet R10 Suburban, Chevrolet R20, Chevrolet R20 Suburban, Chevrolet R30, Chevrolet Suburban, Chevrolet V10, Chevrolet V10 Suburban, Chevrolet V20, Chevrolet V20 Suburban, Chevrolet V30, GMC C1500, GMC C1500 Suburban, GMC C2500, GMC C2500 Suburban, GMC C3500, GMC Jimmy, GMC K1500, GMC K1500 Suburban, GMC K2500, GMC K2500 Suburban, GMC K3500, GMC R1500, GMC R1500 Suburban, GMC R2500, GMC R2500 Suburban, GMC R3500, GMC V1500, GMC V1500 Suburban, GMC V2500, GMC V2500 Suburban, GMC V3500

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Extensive field examination and testing assure proper fit. For passenger cars and light trucks. General instructions are packed with every assembly. Hoses and fittings are also available for tailor-made medium and heavy-duty truck applications.

  • Comes complete with factory-installed, pre-bent zinc-dichromate plated end fittings, bracketry, sensor ports, sheathing, bushings and grommets.
  • Exceeds SAE J2050 performance requirements.

Gates - Driven By Possibility

BRAND: Gates


  • Power Steering Pressure Line Hose Assembly
  • Power Steering Pressure Line Hose Assembly
  • 1986-1980 Chevrolet, C & K Series Pickup, V-8 5.0 L, Pressure
  • Power Steering Hose Assembly


Bracket Bushings IncludedNo
California Proposition 65AVERTISSEMENT: LGÇÖutilisation de ce produit peut vous exposer +á 1, 3-butadi+¿ne, un produit chimique connu lGÇÖ+¬tat de Californie pour causer le cancer et les malformations cong+¬nitales ou autres probl+¿mes reproductifs. Pour plus dGÇÖinformations, aller +á GÇô Lavez-vous les mains apr+¿s la manipulation. (18)
California Proposition 65ADVERTENCIA: Este producto puede exponerte a 1, 3-butadieno, una sustancia qu+¡mica en el estado de California causan cancer, defectos de nacimiento u otros da+¦os reproductivos. Para obtener m+ís informati+¦n, visite - Lavarse las manos despu+¬s de manipularlo. (18)
California Proposition 65WARNING: Using this product can expose you to 1,3-Butadiene, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to -á Wash hands after handling. (18)
Copper Washers IncludedNo
Crimped Sleeve MaterialAnti Corrosion Steel
End 1 Diameter (mm)16
End 1 TypeMale O-Ring
End 2 Diameter (mm)18
End 2 TypeMale O-Ring
Fully Assembled Pressure & Return SetN/A
Heat Sleeves IncludedNo
Hose PositionPump to Rack/Gear Box
Hose Positioning Clips IncludedN/A
Mounting Brackets IncludedNo
OE Comparison RatingOE Performance
Rubber Hose StandardExceeds SAE J188 specifications
Rubber Mounts IncludedNo
Steel Tube MaterialZinc Single Wall Steel
Switch Port IncludedNo

Conventional System; 1st Design



  • Autoline: 5-4102
  • Edelmann: 71088
  • Everco: 66741
  • Continental Belt: 15502
  • Four Seasons: 110090
  • Moog: M-4102
  • General Motors: 26002383
  • Ultralast: P1486
  • General Motors: 7833372
  • Omega: 1124
  • Continental Belt: G502
  • ACDelco: 36-354860
  • NAPA: 35486
  • Everco: 67741
  • Republic: 12906
  • Pep Boys: P1486
  • Edelmann: EP-1088
  • Continental Belt: 15620
  • Omega: 4102
  • NAPA: 7-1781
  • Everco: 3-741
  • SunSong: 3401258
  • GSL: 2-8445
  • Carquest: 35486


  • 1987-1987 GMC V2500
  • 1983-1987 Chevrolet C35
  • 1980-1986 GMC K2500
  • 1987-1987 Chevrolet V10
  • 1980-1986 Chevrolet K20 Suburban
  • 1987-1988 GMC R3500
  • 1980-1986 Chevrolet C10
  • 1987-1987 Chevrolet V20
  • 1980-1988 GMC Jimmy
  • 1987-1987 GMC R1500
  • 1987-1988 GMC V1500 Suburban
  • 1980-1986 GMC C1500
  • 1980-1986 GMC C1500 Suburban
  • 1987-1988 Chevrolet R20
  • 1980-1986 GMC C2500 Suburban
  • 1980-1986 Chevrolet C10 Suburban
  • 1980-1986 Chevrolet C20 Suburban
  • 1980-1986 GMC C3500
  • 1987-1988 GMC R2500
  • 1980-1986 Chevrolet K10
  • 1987-1988 Chevrolet V30
  • 1987-1988 Chevrolet V10 Suburban
  • 1987-1988 Chevrolet R20 Suburban
  • 1982-1985 Chevrolet C15
  • 1987-1987 Chevrolet R10
  • 1987-1987 GMC V1500
  • 1980-1986 Chevrolet K20
  • 1980-1986 Chevrolet K5 Blazer
  • 1980-1986 Chevrolet C30
  • 1987-1988 Chevrolet V20 Suburban
  • 1980-1986 GMC K1500 Suburban
  • 1987-1988 GMC R1500 Suburban
  • 1987-1988 GMC V3500
  • 1980-1986 Chevrolet K30
  • 1987-1988 Chevrolet Suburban
  • 1987-1988 GMC V2500 Suburban
  • 1980-1986 GMC K2500 Suburban
  • 1987-1988 Chevrolet Blazer
  • 1980-1986 GMC K1500
  • 1980-1986 Chevrolet K10 Suburban
  • 1987-1988 Chevrolet R10 Suburban
  • 1980-1987 Chevrolet C20
  • 1980-1986 GMC K3500
  • 1980-1986 GMC C2500
  • 1987-1988 GMC R2500 Suburban
  • 1987-1988 Chevrolet R30
Customer Questions
What types of automotive products does Gates offer?
Gates offers a wide range of automotive products, including belts, hoses, tensioners, and more.
I'm looking for a replacement belt for my vehicle. Can you help me understand the different options available from Gates and recommend the best one for my specific make and model?
Yes, Gates offers a range of replacement belts for various applications. To find the best one for your specific make and model, it is recommended to consult the Gates website or reach out to their customer support.
Are there any specific maintenance for Gates products?
Yes, there are specific maintenance and installation guidelines to follow when using Gates products to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
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