Magnaflow: Brand of the Month

Magnaflow: Brand of the Month
June 4, 2021
Magnaflow: Brand of the Month

All you need to know about Magnaflow

Magnaflow is a fan favorite among automotive enthusiasts because of their consistent quality, power, and sound. Magnaflow sells the entire range of exhaust parts; are you looking for a catalytic converter? They have it. Maybe you are looking for a muffler, well they also have those. From performance exhausts to tailpipe tips, if it makes a sound, they make it.

Magnaflow is an extension of their parent company Car Sound Exhaust, and together they have 35+ years of experience providing top-quality exhaust technology, which has garnered respect among enthusiasts. But the most important thing you need to know about Magnaflow is their slogan, QUALITY. POWER. SOUND.

Quality is crucial to Magnaflow's success, and throughout the years they have perfected their technology to provide the best performance and longevity. Power is second nature to Magnaflow and they have “several in-ground dynamometers, multiple flow benches, and a host of highly sensitive sound testing equipment to ensure that every new part passes stringent quality and performance standards before being approved for manufacturing.” Just know if you are getting Magnaflow, you are getting power. And of course, we cannot forget about Sound. Their mufflers come with a perforated stainless steel core, mesh wrap, and acoustical fiber fill packed tightly to produce the signature Magnaflow sound: smooth and deep.

Hear the Sound:

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