RIGID® SAE-Compliant Lights Product Feature

RIGID® SAE-Compliant Lights Product Feature
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RIGID® SAE-Compliant Lights Product Feature

Experience Ultimate Performance and Style with RIGID's SAE-Compliant Fog Lights: Light Up the Night!


Off-road lighting is essential for any avid adventurer, but when it comes to on-road driving, safety, and legality are the top priorities. RIGID Industries understands this need and has developed a line of SAE-compliant fog lights and auxiliary high-beam driving lights that can be used on and off the road.

What sets these lights apart from the rest is their carefully chosen color temperature, which falls within the range of pure daylight. This range allows for superior clarity on the road, making it easier to see and react to any obstacles or hazards that may come your way.


But that's not all - the blog post delves deeper into the science of color temperature and the differences between amber LED and amber lens technology. Using RIGID's D-Series as an example, the post explains how the use of amber lenses instead of amber LEDs provides a higher output of light and a more cohesive aesthetic among OEM light colors.


In short, RIGID's SAE-compliant fog lights not only offer unbeatable performance but also adhere to safety and legal standards for on-road driving. And with their advanced technology and attention to detail, they are sure to light up any adventure, on or off the road.

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