Top 5 vehicles for the end of the world

Top 5 vehicles for the end of the world
October 28, 2020
Top 5 vehicles for the end of the world

As the Corona Virus pandemic sweeps the world and causes panic among humanity. We couldn’t stop but help but think about the worst case scenario, a full blown apocalypse in which the world has literally ended. Our question is what vehicle would be your go to vehicle based on the end of the world. Whether its nuclear fallout, or a zombie invasion.

Lets Break down the top 5 end of the world vehicles to ensure you make it as long .


Number 5 – Ford Expedition (I am Legend)

This movie is the one of our favorites movies. Will Smiths character drives a rugged out Ford Expedition. Fully loaded with extra fuel tanksoff road winch and guards over the bumpers, lights and big tires. Definitely a vehicle ready to take on the hoard of dark zombies running the city of New York. With plenty of space for survivors and plenty of power its no surprise that the Expedition is one to look out for during those hard times.

(I am legend Ford Expedition)

Number 4 – Jeep Gladiator

The all new Jeep Gladiator is a beast of a truck. Think about it, the functionality and off road capabilities of a Jeep but the capacity of a pick up truck! Put some big guards and some mud slinger tires with a lift kit and you’ve got yourself one hell of a end of the world vehicle to take on even the toughest brain eaters.

2020 Jeep Gladiator

Number 3 – The SHERP!

This is what you really call and all end vehicle. Think of a frog with wheels that can swim on land and drive in the water. Makes sense? Nah, its not suppose to. Assuming Cthulhu can’t fit a pair of Healys at the end of its bus-size tentacles, getting onto shore to escape seems like a good plan. That is of course unless you believe it to have wings. The Sherp has 23 inches of clearance, but only a max speed of 24.5 mph. However, the planet would be full of debris and rough terrain if such an event occurred, so its 35 degrees of grade-ability could come in handy. It’s also capable of storing extra fuel within the wheels, expanding its maximum fuel capacity to 76 gallons. Crap, we almost forgot to mention Cthulhu might be immortal. Ugh, you just can’t win!


Number 2 – Ariel Nomad Tactical

What do you get when you cross a formula one style car that can handle some badass terrain? The Ariel Nomad! This little sucker is powered by a supercharged Honda K24 engine pumping out 300 horsepower, BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires, an adjustable heavy-duty suspension, and a feathery 1750-pound weight. Picture this: You live in a dense downtown area and learn warheads are inbound. There isn’t much time. Forget your survival strategy, rations, close friends and relatives—your only option is to beat the masses clogging the roads out of town. And so, sidewalks, alleys, stairs, trails, bike paths, and aqueducts become your paths to safety beyond the blast radius. The Nomad is the vehicle that will make it so in a hurry. Strap some mini guns and some James Bonds gadgets, and no one will ever see you coming.

Ariel Nomad Tactical

Number 1 – Inkas Riot Control Vehicle

Now were talking full blown tactical tank like street assault vehicle. If the hordes get too fighty, don’t worry: The Riot Control Vehicle can withstand multiple high-velocity rounds as well as shrapnel from explosions. If the blaze keeps burning, no worries there either—the RCV has a fire suppression system that protects the perimeter of the vehicle. And, yes, that is essentially a giant shovel mounted to the front. Your getaways (or breaches) should be pretty easy, no matter what’s in your way. So the bullet from a Barrett 50 cal. wont be any match. Its safe to say that our number one choice is definitely one to ensure your survival.

Inkas Riot Cotrol Vehicle IRCV
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