Veloster N SPIN OUT On Palm Beach International Raceway Track

Veloster N SPIN OUT On Palm Beach International Raceway Track
October 13, 2020
Veloster N SPIN OUT On Palm Beach International Raceway Track

We had a track day at Palm Beach International Raceway doing hot laps and well in to one of the hot laps came in a little too fast creating oversteer and loosing control. It's all about seat time and learning from your mistakes.

What's a Hot Lap?
Hot-lapping typically refers to a motorsport in which vehicles are driven around a race track without actually competing for a position or any other recording of performance. Multiple vehicles will typically be on the track, but no passing is allowed, nor any contact.

About Palm Beach International Raceway


Get your heart racing and fulfill the need for speed by experiencing the exhilaration of road course racing. Boasting a 10-turn, 2.2-mile design, PBIR's state-of-the-art road course features some of the fastest and most challenging corners and straightaways offered by any track in North America. A Technologically superior, the road course showcases a seamless table-top smooth finish, full lighting, S.A.V.E. soft barriers, run-off areas, as well as, host various acclaimed driving schools and is home to the Palm Beach Driving Club. It's all or nothing, only at PBIR's international road course.


2.2-mile, 10-turn, 6/10th-Mile Straightaway
The Seamless Track Measures 40' to 60' Wide (Area wide enough for Chicanes)
Surrounded By 1,700 feet of S.A.V.E. Safety Barriers
High-Level, High-Intensity, Low-Glare Lighting
Built of Hot-Mix Asphalt 5-inches Deep Set On An Aggregate Base
Various Acclaimed Driving Schools
Home to the Palm Beach Driving Club (
Corporate Team Building Events and Track Day Rentals
Emergency Personnel On-Site for All Events

For more information check out their site

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