10 Most Beloved Vehicles of All Time

10 Most Beloved Vehicles of All Time
February 14, 2020
10 Most Beloved Vehicles of All Time

10 – Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is no where near being a best seller.  Yet the Porsche 911 is one of the most beloved cars of all time.  The original design was penned by Ferdinand Porsche and the vehicle has continuously evolved since its introduction in 1963.

While elements of the design have evolved over the last 6 decades, anyone who sees the car knows right away, it’s not only a Porsche, but a 911.  It’s a rare example of a vehicle that slowly evolves and improves to continue to provide amazing performance and luxury instead of the typical top to bottom redesign where the new vehicle looks nothing like its predecessor.

The Porsche 911 has been lusted after by kids and enthusiasts for decades. From its timeless beauty to the unique sounds of a Porsche engine to its incredible performance on the track, Porsche has shown how to refine a car to keep it relevant, keep it stunning, and to keep it lovable.

1988 Porsche 911

And frankly Porsche has done a great job about keeping the tradition while not being so stubborn as to evolve with change.  Take for example the switch from the lighter air cooled to the current liquid cooled engines that do an amazing job dissipated the tremendous heat generated by today’s insanely powered Porsches.

1996 Porsche 911

A Porsche 911 is also considered to be the exotic car that you can drive every day.  It’s even semi practical with seating for four (albeit) extremely tiny rear seats. The fact that the Porsche 911 is still as striking, as beautiful, and as desired as ever helps put the Porsche 911 on our top 10 most beloved cars of all time.

2006 Porsche 911 Carrera

9 – Toyota Corolla

The Corolla has never been fast, it’s never been sexy, but it has always been affordable and reliable.  And that combinations has made the Toyota Corolla the best selling car of all time with over 40 million sold worldwide.  The Corolla has brought transportation to the masses in much the same way as the Model T and VW bug.  Affordable.  Reliable.

8 – Chevy Corvette

The Chevrolet Corvette is the original American sports car.  From its inception through today, the Corvette remains a 2 seat sports car with an American V-8.  Though the engine made a move from the from of the car to behind the seats, the basic formula remains the same.  Build a light car.  Cram in hulking V-8.  Make it attainable.  Sell ’em like hotcakes.

Now the Corvette has never been an affordable sports car, but it has always been value focused allowing Americans to drive a high performance sports car for far less than the European counterparts.  Even today’s new Chevy Corvette with supercar performance characteristics is priced reasonably to be within the attainable means of the upper middle class.

7 – Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler dates back to the Willy’s General Purpose vehicle or GP “Jeep” used during World War II.  The rugged nature of the 4×4 Jeep along with its affordability made it a huge hit post war that has continued to this day.  The Jeep has grown up with more options than ever before.

The Wrangler is an iconic vehicle that symbolizes off trail adventure across America.  A vehicle that can get you to the most remote locations without breaking a sweat.  A fun convertible that can go without a roof, doors, or even a windshield.

The Honda Accord has made the Car and Driver’s 10 best list for 34 years.  The Accord has always been a car that is practical, economical, fun to drive, and family friendly.  Many Americans grew up in the back seat of their parents Honda Accord.  (Ahem, some of you may have been conceived in the back of an Accord…but I’m not naming names..ahem)

5 – Honda Civic

The Honda Civic has always been practical and affordable.  Just like a Corolla.  However, the Civic has a long history of being cuter and more lovable.  From 1972 and still to this day, the Honda Civic has been one of the favorite starter cars for millions of Americans.  In fact Honda has produced over 18 million of the Honda Civics making it one of the most popular vehicles of all time.  But being loved is more than just the numbers.  It’s the memories of growing up with a fun to drive reliable car that is more beloved today than ever.

4 – Ford Model T

The Ford Model T revolutionized the automotive world and the United States.  It was the first car that became available to the masses.  It allowed regular hard working people acess to a personal automobile. It was rugged enough for off-roading and farm use.  Simple enough to be worked on by the average owner.

Even now, over 100 years after the introduction, the Ford Model T is beloved by Americans as both an icon of American ingenuity and romance of a time long gone.

3 – Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang became and instant hit when introduced in 1964.  The Mustang is not a family car nor a particularly practical car.  But Mustangs have represented American freedom, muscle power, and fun like no other car before or since.

Mustangs are also a cultural phenomenon in the many movies and generations the car has been used in Hollywood.  From Bullitt to the original gone in sixty seconds to Charlie’s Angels to Basic Instincts, the Mustang has been a Hollywood star for decades.

Bullitt Mustang vs Dodge Charger

Original Gone in Sixty Seconds

Remake of Gone in Sixty Seconds

Charlie’s Angels with the Mustang II

Mustang 5.0 in Basic Instincts

Shelby GT500 Mustang in I am Legend

Shelby Shelby GT500 in Need for Speed

Mustang GT in Drive

With the incredible amount of exposure the Mustang gets in Hollywood, it’s no surprise the Mustang is not only a movie star, but one of America’s most beloved automobiles.

2- Ford F-Series

It’s no secret the Ford F-Series is America’s best selling vehicle for over 40 years.  Ford sells nearly a million of these a year.  And frankly, there’s nothing quite as American as a pickup truck.  From the basic utilitarian trims needed to get the job done to the luxury ladened top of the line Limiteds and Platinums, Americans LOVE the Ford F-Series trucks.

What’s more, the full sized F series is uniquely a North American experience.  You don’t think of Germans, Japanese, or Chinese driving around their respective countries in a big American pickup truck.  But you do expect it here in America, Canada, and even Mexico.

And suburbia loves the ability to use the Ford F-Series for trips to Home Depot and soccer practice as well as towing your favorite toy to the lake house.  With over 40 million F-Series sold since its introduction in 1948, you can see why the F-Series is one of the most beloved vehicles of all time.

1 – VW Bug

VW Bug courtesy Wikipedia

The Volkwagen Bug takes our pick as the #1 most beloved car of all time.

It’s crazy to think that the most beloved car was the brainchild of one Adolf Hitler.  Hitler wanted a cheap vehicle for Germans to use on the newly constructed highways of Germany.  But the reason the vehicle is so loved has less to do with the NAZI leader and more to do with the love and passion by the man who designed the vehicle…The one and only Ferdinand Porsche.  Yes.  Mr. Porsche himself designed the VW bug.  (You can even see the Porsche 911 as the performance evolution of the VW bug’s classic design.)

The VW bug was the first car to ever surpass 20 million vehicles produced.  However, the production numbers alone don’t instill love and passion for a car.  The Toyota Corolla has sold nearly twice as many vehicles, yet it is still not as beloved as the iconic Beetle.

Why is the VW bug so beloved?  It’s never just one thing, but the styling is so beautiful and iconic.  Plus, the Bug became a cultural icon.  Especially in the 70s.   The fuel sipping Beetle was cheap to buy, cheap to own, and cheap to fix.  It allowed young people the opportunity to buy a piece of freedom without breaking the bank.

Herbie the Love Bug courtesy Wikipedia
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