10 Worst Accessories of All Time

10 Worst Accessories of All Time
October 26, 2020
10 Worst Accessories of All Time

Our business is selling high quality auto parts   and accessories and making sure you them with crazy fast shipping.  Many of the parts we sell are essentials like air filters, brake pads, and spark plugs.  We also sell great accessories like performance exhausts, truck covers, and winches.

However, looking back at the history of the automotive industry, there have been some oddball, silly, and outright stupid accessories.  Here are 10 of the worst automotive accessories of all time:

Whether it’s a paint tray or an aftermarket plastic add on, it screams useless waste of money.  All the driver is doing is adding weight and drag to their vehicle thus making the hood scoop a performance inhibitor.  Not an enhancement.  Plus, it just looks weird.

But, we keep selling them because some of y’all really love them.  So, if you want to add a fake hood scoop to your ride, we’re not going to stop you.

9 – Fake Badges

Bruh, nobody’s going to believe your Honda Accord is a BMW 7 series.  C’mon man.

Oh, and your Hyundai Excel doesn’t have a 5.0 engine inside.

8 – Fake Hood Pins

Functional hood pins are designed to save weight while securing the hood.  Typically, hood pins were only used for performance vehicles.  And some enthusiasts install aftermarket hoods and install hood pins to properly secure the hood and still keep it light.  But some folks add on fake, stick on hood pins to add the look.  Seriously, who are you trying to fool with fake hood pins?

7 – Bullet Hole Stickers

Because nothing says you live in the ghetto like real bullet holes.  So why not be even more ghetto with fake bullet holes.  I get it if you’re doing it for Halloween or a gag, but some people think adding bullet hole stickers gives them street cred.  Seriously?

6 – Fuel Line Magnet

It’s a scam.  Magnets will do nothing for your fuel economy.  Gas burns when it ignites in your engine.  No magnet will magically make this better.  It’s a scam.  Don’t waste your money.  There’s a reason we don’t sell these.  It doesn’t work.

5 – Oversized Wheels

We get that these are popular at car shows and some people want a car just for show.  We get and appreciate that.  However, we lose our minds every time we see a nice Camaro with these super sized wheels that eliminate all the performance characteristics of the car.  These super sized wheels turn a high performance sportster into a something that rides like a tank.  Your center of gravity is off. Cornering sucks.  Everything the car was built for is decimated.  But, you’ll ride high and get through a flooded street better than anyone else, so you’ve got that going for you.

4 – Steering Wheel Knob

Unless you have some kind of disability, this is a stupid (and in some cases illegal) addition to your steering wheel.  Your car’s steering wheel is designed to be held with two hands.  Place them at the 10 and 20.  (Some people prefer 9 and 3.)  Regardless, what the heck are you doing adding a steering wheel knob.  Are you piloting a boat?

3 – Super Sized Spoilers

Spoilers, wings, and air dams are important for high velocity vehicles that are approaching take off speeds and need downward pressure to keep the car planted on the road. However, your typical import does not need a 4 foot rear wing to prevent it from taking off at highway speeds.  Here’s an example of an unnecessary spoiler.

On the other hand, this is what happens when you don’t have enough ground force at incredible high speeds.

2 – Wheel Spinner Hubcaps

One of the silliest automobile trends we ever saw were those gosh-awful spinner wheels.  And just when we thought they couldn’t get any worse, someone went out and started to create spinner hubcaps.

1 – Truck Nuts

These are wrong on so many levels.  First of all, there are kids out there.  Let’s be a little more decent.  Secondly, this opens you up to questions about compensating for lack of something.  Your actions should show if you have balls or not.  You can’t grow a pair by installing truck nuts on the back of your truck.  Third, your mama would be so proud of you that you finally grew a pair.  Now move out of the house.

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