The Most and Least Liked Car Brands

The Most and Least Liked Car Brands
February 11, 2022
The Most and Least Liked Car Brands

If you are in the market for a new car, the options may feel overwhelming. That’s why every year Consumer Reports does an owner satisfaction survey to help buyers figure out the best overall brands. The ranking is based on 5 categories: Driving, Comfort, Electronics, Style, and Value. Some brands like Tesla do really well in one category but really bad in another, so you can wage your needs and figure out which brand fits you better. 


1. Tesla (82)


For another year, Tesla tops the list with an 82 percent rating. Tesla has one of the most loyal fanbases so it's not surprising to see them at the top of the list, however, there are several features of Tesla models that definitely warrant the top spot. It got a coveted 5/5 in the Driving category, which makes sense considering the long-range of the Tesla battery and the fast 0 to 60 speeds in all their models. The brand ranked lower in Comfort and Style with a 4/5, and although the Tesla look has shaped the EV revolution, it is clear that owners are not fully in love with the style decisions Musk has made over the years (maybe if they added a grill they would rank higher). In Electronics Tesla ranks a 3/5, however, this category tends to be low across all brands, so it is clear that consumers are unsatisfied with the current selection of all in-car electronics. Lastly, the EV juggernaut ranked at a sad 1/5 in Value which makes a lot of sense. Tesla models range from $44,990 – $129,990, definitely not the cheapest models out there, but the biggest problem with the brand right now is the lack of EV charging stations and the high price of replacement parts. Unless Tesla can tackle these issues expect to see a lower ranking in Value for a long time. 

2. Porche (80)


Another luxury brand, Porsche is the runner-up with an 80 percent score. The German manufacturer scored a 5/5 in both Driving, Comfort, and Style which highlights the luxury and detail that's common on Porsche models, if you've ever been inside a Porsche you know it truly deserves those amazing scores. However, when it comes to Electronics the brand ranks lower than Tesla with a 2/5. Apart from the usual infotainment display and driver assistance Porsche does not offer any groundbreaking technology, therefore warranting the lower grading. Finally, Porsche matches Tesla with the lowest score in Value. Porsche models range from $60,000 to $200,000 and everything in between, plus more expensive replacement parts than the average vehicle. What you get in luxury, you pay in dollars. 

3. Genesis (75)


Now we go from Europe to Asia, to the Korean brand Genesis with a score of  75 percent. A relatively new brand, going independent fall of 2015, Genesis has continued to impress by quality and style with a very characteristic look. Genesis owners love the Driving and Style most giving a 5/5 in both categories. The iconic Genesis headlight and V-shaped grill have proven crucial to the brand's success; you can spot a Genesis from a mile away, and when you do, it screams luxury. Yet, when it comes to Comfort the brand doesn't fair as well, with a 3/5 score, the lowest for the top 3 brands. Still, it seems like Genesis wants to improve this score by announcing an overhaul for the 2023 G90 cabin. In the Electronics category, Genesis scored a 2/5. A ranking that highlights the lack of competitive electronics in fuel models compared to EV. Last, but certainly not least, Genesis scores a 3/5 in value, the highest for the top 3 brands. With starting prices ranging from $30,000 to $70,000 Genesis is the most inexpensive compared to it's counterparts, which explains the higher score.


Chrysler 74

Dodge 74

Ram 73

BMW 72

Ford 71

Mazda 70

Hyundai 70

Toyota 69

Volvo 68

Lexus 68

Subaru 68

Lincoln 68

Mini 67

Chevrolet 67

GMC 67

Honda 66

Volkswagen 65

Audi 67

Mercedes 64

Kia 64

Jeep 62

Buick 61

Nissan 59

Acura 57

Cadillac 56

Infiniti 43

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