How install Bestop sunrider?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install a Bestop Sunrider:

  1. Begin by removing the factory hardtop or soft top from your Jeep. This process may vary depending on the specific Jeep model and the type of top you have. Follow the manufacturer's instructions or user manual for guidance on removing the existing top.

  2. Once the factory top is removed, you can proceed with installing the Bestop Sunrider frame. The Sunrider frame is designed to fit onto the Jeep's roll bars and provide the structure for the soft top. Carefully attach the frame according to the instructions provided by Bestop, ensuring a secure fit.

  3. After installing the Sunrider frame, you can proceed with attaching the fabric. Bestop Sunrider tops typically come with a separate fabric section that needs to be installed onto the frame. Start by positioning the fabric over the frame and aligning it properly.

  4. Secure the fabric to the Sunrider frame using the provided attachments or fasteners. Bestop Sunriders often use a combination of hooks, straps, and Velcro to secure the fabric in place. Follow the instructions provided by Bestop to properly fasten and tighten the fabric.

  5. Once the fabric is securely attached, double-check that it is properly tensioned and aligned. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure a snug fit and smooth operation of the Sunrider top.

  6. Test the Sunrider top by opening and closing it to ensure it functions correctly. Follow the instructions provided by Bestop for operating the Sunrider mechanism, as it may vary depending on the specific model.

  7. Finally, perform a thorough inspection of the installed Sunrider top, checking for any loose connections, misalignments, or other issues. Address any problems or concerns before using the top regularly.

It is important to note that the installation process can vary depending on the specific model of the Bestop Sunrider and the type of Jeep you have. Always consult the manufacturer's instructions or user manual for detailed guidance specific to your particular Sunrider top.

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