What is the difference between a bumper and a fender?

Bumper: A bumper is a structure located at the front and rear of a vehicle. Its primary function is to absorb and redistribute impact energy during collisions, reducing the damage to the vehicle's underlying components and occupants. Bumpers are designed to withstand low-speed impacts, such as parking lot collisions or minor accidents, and help prevent damage to other critical parts of the vehicle, like the grille, headlights, and engine components. Bumpers are typically made of sturdy materials like steel, aluminum, or plastic, and they often have energy-absorbing features such as foam padding or crush zones.

Fender: A fender, also known as a wing in some regions, is a body panel that covers the wheel well area of a vehicle. Fenders serve multiple purposes, including protecting the vehicle's wheels and tires from road debris, dirt, and water splashes. They also enhance the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle by providing a streamlined and finished look. Fenders are typically made of metal or plastic materials and are attached to the vehicle's body. In addition to protection, fenders may have integrated features like side markers or turn signal lights.

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