Bad Speed Sensor Symptoms

Bad Speed Sensor Symptoms
April 3, 2024
Bad Speed Sensor Symptoms

Your car's speedometer isn't the only thing that relies on the speed sensor. This little but crucial component plays a big role in ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly and safely. But how do you know if it's malfunctioning? Here, we'll explore the telltale signs of a bad speed sensor, including symptoms, replacement tips, and the importance of getting it fixed promptly

Speed Sensor Symptoms:

  • Transmission Troubles: The most common symptom is abnormal automatic transmission behavior. This can manifest as delayed gear shifts, harsh shifting, or even limited gear operation entirely. Since the speed sensor relays information to the transmission control module (TCM), a faulty sensor throws a wrench into smooth gear changes.
  • Speedometer on the Fritz: Notice erratic jumps or dips in your speedometer readings? Or maybe it's not registering your speed at all? A malfunctioning speed sensor disrupts the signal sent to the speedometer, leading to inaccurate or absent readings.
  • Cruise Control Blues: Is your cruise control acting up or refusing to engage altogether? The culprit could be a bad speed sensor. The system relies on this sensor's data to maintain a constant speed, and without it, cruise control becomes unavailable.
  • Check Engine Light: This little illuminator on your dashboard can come on for various reasons, and a faulty speed sensor is one of them. While a scan tool is needed to pinpoint the exact cause, the check engine light serves as a general warning that something's amiss.
  • Other Warning Lights: Keep an eye out for additional warning lights on your dashboard, such as those for ABS or traction control. A failing speed sensor can disrupt these systems as well, triggering their warning lights.

Speed Sensor Replacement:

If you're experiencing these symptoms, it's time to consider a speed sensor replacement. While replacing a speed sensor might seem like a complex task, it can often be done at home for those who are comfortable with car maintenance. However, consulting a trusted mechanic is always recommended, especially for proper diagnosis and repair.


Don't Ignore the Signs:

Driving with a faulty speed sensor isn't just about an inaccurate speedometer. It can lead to more serious problems down the line. Here's why getting it replaced promptly matters:

  • Engine and Transmission Damage: A bad speed sensor disrupts communication between various car systems, potentially leading to engine and transmission issues if left unaddressed.
  • Safety Concerns: Not knowing your speed or having an unreliable speedometer can be a safety hazard, especially on the road.
  • Reduced Fuel Economy: A faulty speed sensor can negatively impact fuel efficiency by affecting how the engine and transmission operate.

Need a Replacement Speed Sensor?

If you've identified a faulty speed sensor as the culprit behind your car troubles, don't fret! Replacing it can restore your car's performance and get you back on the road with confidence. Luckily, finding the right speed sensor for your vehicle is easier than ever. offers a wide selection of high-quality, vehicle-specific speed sensors at competitive prices.

Use our convenient online search tool to find the perfect fit for your car. Simply enter your vehicle's year, make, and model in the fitment search and we will do the rest. Our PartsHawk Pit Stop also offers helpful resources and guides to assist you with the replacement process. Don't wait any longer – order the parts you need and keep your car running smoothly!

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